Surprise! Hot Wheels 2015 Batch G is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Let the confusion begin…

Our friends at Wheel Collectors got a bit of a surprise today when a pallet full of 2015 Hot Wheels G Cases arrived.  Yeah, G Cases.

The case confusion has hit a high point.  Here is where we are:

  • E cases mini-bins hit Walmart a couple of weeks ago, but we are still waiting for the full E case bins with Zamacs.
  • Kmart Collector Days is this Saturday, and will contain F case models.
  • Hobby Dealers are getting G cases.

That means three different cases are essentially hitting at the same time.  So, have fun with that.

But it also means a lot of new stuff.  And the G case is full of it.  Of course the Datsun Wagon will get everyone all tizzy, but there is plenty of other cool stuff, including the ’52 Chevy Pickup, Super Volt, and that BMW M4 we are very curious about.

(And full disclosure: I love the Super.)

All of the models can be found here:

2015 Hot Wheels G Case

So revel in the G case, get the F case at Kmart, and keep waiting for the rest of the E case.

Some highlights:

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