Mustang Boss 429 or Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO 2000 GSR?

I have no idea what I am asking.  So let’s just keep it in general terms, and you can answer in general terms if you want as well.

But you are looking at two icons, from different sides of the Pacific, done wonderfully by Greenlight and Tomica Limited Vintage.  And they just look good together.

The 429 is the 429.  You put all the Mustangs ever made in front of me and let me pick one?  I pick the 429.  But last year at JCCS, the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth was flaunting a Colt Galant.  I could not get enough:

You can see the American Muscle influences all over this car.  It makes for such a handsome auto.  It makes me understand why the Colt Galant occupies such a soft spot for so many ogling collectors.  I get it.  It makes me very happy that TLV decided to make this casting.

We are going to a full feature on the Galant GTO on the blog soon, but we saw no reason to NOT post a couple of pics of the 429 and Galant together, in all their olive glory.

We asked, so we will answer.  If we can only take one, we take the Galant.

(You can find the Greenlight 429 at Wheel Collectors and the Galant GTO at Japan Booster.)

5 Replies to “Mustang Boss 429 or Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO 2000 GSR?”

  1. I like the potential of them both. I prefer the Mustang casting as it is a beefy version compared to the Colt. Now if Tomica makes a Colt that resembles that blue one in pic with aftermarket addons, that would win hands down as Im not a mustang guy, but I really like my models to have attitude and the TLV Colt lacks that in all areas, its just the production model (which Im sure tons love), but its not for me. Also these companies that refuse to add side mirrors on hoods on the models that had them is a shame and detracts value from the model.

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