Lamley Case Report: Opening a Kmart Collectors Day F Case…

Call this the Super Bowl of Kmart Days.

Not because of some epic model that we are all after (that was September last year with the Datsun Wagon).  Not because Katy Perry will be providing the entertainment (the entertainment, as always will be provided by that overzealous collector who complains just a little too loud, not to mention all the “Worst Kdays Ever” posts on HWC following the event.  Katy Perry can’t hold a stick to that kind of entertainment.).  Not because there will be an epic playcall blunder when an unknowing kid throws a Super back in the case to grab another purple model.  (That is when overzealous guy hits his peak.)

We call it the Super Bowl of Kdays because it is the last event for a long time.  The Super Bowl is always bittersweet, because it is the pinnacle of the NFL season, but marks the end of football until late August.  That is a long time.  Same with this Kday.  We won’t see another until September if the schedule holds true.  That is also a long time.  So get your fill.

We decided to get a head start and order a case from  It arrived at my house today, but the only problem is that I am not there to open it.  Because I was out of town, my dear and dependable 14-year-old daughter helped out, and opened and photographed the case for me.  And she did a darn good job.

So here are the pics, pulled 3-by-3 by my daughter.


Hot Wheels Kmart Collector Days F Case:

That is a great case.  The VW Caddy makes its debut, and we get new versions of the Mazda RX-7, Porsche 934, and Custom ’62 Chevy.  Not to mention the Datsun 620 exclusive, and the Mooneyes Dodge Van.  There is a lot to love.

Obviously no Super, but thanks to Lamley reader Dustin Carter, we know the Mooneyes van is the confirmed Super TH.  This is what he pulled from his case:

We hope a few of snag that one.

So, as always, let us know what you find.  We would love to share.

Good luck this Saturday…

7 Replies to “Lamley Case Report: Opening a Kmart Collectors Day F Case…”

  1. I got my two cases today. No Batmobile or Caddy. However I got Nissan 370Z, Fast & Furious Corvette and a race team C6 Vette… Strange… No super, reg Jet Threat.

  2. I received my case yesterday and revived car for car what was in this report no supers but an excellent case overall as I inly collect “real” cars

  3. Hmmm, I find these case reports a bit… cheap? I see unboxings all over the place, some fun, some boring. I love TLG for it's indepth reviews and great photography. There's a reason why you showcase the cars that you do and an unboxing, well is just that.

    Your blog, your call 😀

  4. I think unboxings help consumers decide when to buy a whole case, and when to just depend on the pegs. This unboxing convinced me to order a case, whereas the last K-days was a no-buy. So I'm happy to see these articles so I can be more wise with spending money!

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