The loneliest Matchbox: The used-only-once Infiniti G37 Coupe…

Remember Matchbox?
Among all this TLV, Greenlight, and the oodles of Hot Wheels to hit lately, the orange brand gets lost in the shuffle.  Such a shame too.  2014 was a better year for Matchbox than the 2-3 years previous, and 2015 should be better.  But with the Supreme Heroes line cut to two batches in 2015, we start to worry.  Nonetheless, we will remain excited for many of the models to come, and keep showcasing the stuff that came from our favorite Matchbox era – 2005 to 2011.
And here is one that has led a very lonely existence – the Infiniti G37.  It made its debut right at the end of that era we love (we need to come up with a name), and has since vanished.  Our guess is this model would have never been greenlighted in the last few years, so it barely snuck in before Matchbox changed its brand direction.  
So at least we have one.  It is better than zero, especially with a casting that look this good.  Another Ryu Asada design, proportioned and detailed amazingly for a 1:64.  And since this car is badged a Skyline in Japan, this might be the only Matchbox Skyline we will see.  Too bad, because a stock Kenmeri would be such a treat.  (Although we are completely behind Matchbox doing a Mazda Cosmo.  That would be a PERFECT Matchbox.)
So the bad news is we only have one of these.  The good news?  A second is coming, apparently as a multipack exclusive.  That is a good thing, and we hope it looks as good as this one…
Matchbox Infiniti G37 (2011 Mainline):

9 Replies to “The loneliest Matchbox: The used-only-once Infiniti G37 Coupe…”

  1. Thanks for show casing this great model. Those were the days where I would always head first to the Matchbox aisle whenever I enter the toy section. The pegs were filled with all “real” vehicles – not “Unstoppable” generics. This particular model was sparsely available and I never saw it on pegs. Do you know which 5-pack is going to have this in 2015? I'll keep watch.

  2. Maybe if Mattel threw Matchbox a bone every now and then, they wouldn't be so easily forgotten… It really saddens me to see so many great suggestions for really popular models get turned down time after time because they wouldn't fit Matchbox's marketing strategy.

    Well, what strategy is that, bankruptcy? Kill off Matchbox so Hot Wheels may survive? Because Hot Wheels is most definitely making those popular cars Matchbox isn't, sometimes with questionable results.

  3. This is a great example of Matchbox making a very great job to leave behind the Hot Wheels version released the previous 2010.
    But at the same time, i don't know why they spend money to make a new casting of a same model that Mattel already did.
    Why are they competing with themselves?

  4. This has happened not just with this Intiniti but many other models. Usually the Hot Wheels version is customized in some way or the other (e.g – Intiniti G37, Porsche Panamera, VW Golf GTI). Where as the Matchbox version is absolutely bone stock. This is done because Hot Wheels is more 'kids' oriented (kids like bodykits, spoilers and stuff) and Matchbox is more 'collector' like. Or at least it was during this golden era of 2005-2011. You will also notice that whenever the same car has been produced by both brands, the Matchbox is always superior to Hot Wheels when it comes to accuracy, details and execution. Example – Intiniti G37, Dodge Challenger, Panamera, 911 GT3, Corvette ZR1. This is why I prefer Matchbox over Hot Wheels.

  5. I love this car! More than the Hot Wheels version. This car defines what Matchbox is. Everything is perfect. The color and paint, the wheels, the details, the accuracy and execution of the casting, it just screams 'Matchbox'. And proudly, I may add. I am quite happy to know that it will return next year but knowing its a multipack model, I most certainly won't be able to get it. We don't get multipacks in my area. In fact, Matchbox in general has started to vanish while even the smallest of gift stores now stock Hot Wheels. I wonder why! I just hope I will still be able to grab this version (and probably many other models I haven't have had yet) before Matchbox goes away completely. I don't understand why Matchbox changed their strategy (Screw you, whoever suggested this sudden and drastic direction change). Not only has it ruined the brand considerably, its also caused many loyal customers to walk away from Matchbox and knock the doors of other diecast brands.

  6. … no doubt this MB Infiniti is a great replica, but one year before HW launched the same model, just with a bigger spoiler on its back. But the HW model is also a good one (despite the usual lack of mirrors). I never understood why they do not rationalize the two lines. It seems weird to produce two slightly different tools for the same car and then launch them with just one year difference between then and about the same color… it totally beats me!
    Many has been said already about how weird is the way Mattel manages the blue and the orange brands and how it impacts on the poor results the company has had recently, culminating with the dismiss of its CEO after a really bad sequence of poor results. I believe that spending money on 2 tools like that, so close is a good way of saving money.

  7. I absolutely love this casting and had the presence of mind to grab about 10 when it was released. Im glad i did that. This is a great representation of what matchbox can accomplish.

  8. The problem with that type of casting is that the make and models of today start to look pretty “dated” 2-3 years from now.. much like Tiburon's and F-150's… its just not something of relevance imo.. that car you mentioned is butt ugly in the real world, very generic

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