Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series 14 and others are now out at Wheel Collectors…

We have expressed many opinions the last few weeks about Greenlight, some good and some bad.  One thing we do know is that Greenlight can do police cars, and do them VERY well.

Look no further than the latest, Hot Pursuit Series 14, that has just arrived at Wheel Collectors.  There are two fantastic Ford Explorers, but this batch is all about the three classics – a ’67 Biscayne, a 1980 Firebird, and our favorite, the ’87 Foxbody Mustang.  All are in Greenlight’s wheelhouse.  Classic cars with real police liveries.  It doesn’t get much better.

We have all of them on their way for a Lamley closeup, and we will post that as soon as we have them.  In the meantime, you can see all the models, and grab what you want, by following this link to Wheel Collectors:

Hot Pursuit Series 14

That is not all that WC received today from Greenlight.  Also in today are three hobby exclusives, including two Army Jeeps and Pace Car Camaro.  These will not be available in stores, so if you are interested, grab them at Wheel Collectors:

Greenlight Hobby Only

Greenlight New Releases

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  1. Here are facts you need to know about the retro HP14 units.

    (1)- The lightbar on the Wisconsin SP Biscayne is a new casting, as an alternative to the Mars Skybolt lookalike offered with their Dodge Monacos.

    (2)- The FHP Firebird and the NYPD Mustang were both confiscated and put into service…

    HP15 will include a US Border Patrol Firebird, Kansas HP Monaco and an NYPD '67 Bronco. The other 3 vehicles will be a Geneva, IL Police Jeep Wrangler, a Wilmington, OH Police Dodge Ram and an FDNY '14 Ford Explorer.

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