So, do you have all the Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS models?

For the last few weeks this car has probably been hanging on your local pegs:

Too bad this one hangs.  It is really one of Hot Wheels’ best.  And Hot Wheels knows it, that is why they paired the DBS with one of its other future classics, the Aston Martin DB5, as part of the Then & Now Series:

I mean look at it!  It merits a spot in your collection.

All that said, collecting the DBS is not easy.  Between wheel variations and one overseas toughie, it is not easy to acquire everything.  So let’s get to it.  Here are all versions of the DBS, wheel variations and all:

2010 New Models

2010 New Models PR5 (rare)

2012 Faster Than Ever

2012 Easter 5-pack (wheel vari on the FTE – rare)

2012 Faster Than Ever (recolor)

2012 multipack exclusive (wheel vari on the FTE)

2012 multipack exclusive (wheel vari on the FTE)

2013 mainline

2013 recolor

2014 Mystery models

2014 Retro Entertainment (James Bond)

2015 Mainline

That is a great collection, eh?  Those wheel variations pop up occasionally on eBay, so keep your eyes open.  But go back to that black one.

One of the sharpest, and for we in the US, one of the most difficult to get.  Now that time has passed a bit, we feel pretty secure saying that the black DBS was part of a set of Mystery Models that was released to overseas markets only.  We were lucky to get one from our friends at Diecast TV Channel, who found this set in New Zealand.  We heard that German collectors found them as well.

So if you want this little beauty, along with a few others, make some overseas friends.  The DBS is totally worth it.

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