Just Unveiled: Kyosho Bentley Series…

Time to class up the joint a bit.

Interest in Kyosho, at least among our readers, has never been higher.  The Skyline & GT-R Neo series has been immensely popular, and many of you have been sharing your Kyosho acquisitions with us on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.
Well, here is another series to look forward to.  Kyosho just unveiled their brand new Bentley series:
This is a smaller set than most, with two of each casting instead of three.  Of course there is only one Continental GT3, which may be at Bentley’s request, keeping the one official livery.  Having learned a little about licensing with Bentley at Matchbox, we can say that Bentley can be sticklers.  That is good for collectors, as it means that most of these castings will be spot-on.  We will have to wait and see when they are in hand.
For us here at Lamley, that GT3 is at the top of the must-have list, and we will wait to see what the others look like.  We will let you know when these are released, and look for them at Japan Booster when that happens…

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  1. Nice, I'll be picking up the Turbo R and continental Supersports for sure! I'd love to get my hands on the Flying Spur and GT3 as well, but I want to take it slow this year.

    Let us know when these are available at Japan Booster!

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