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After months of delays, the latest batch of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment is finally out.  Who knows why it was delayed.  It is Mattel after all, and they specialize in things like that for some reason.  But it is here (in stores and at dealers like Wheel Collectors) and it was worth the wait.

Based on what we have seen, the models in this batch that have collectors in a tizzy are not the same models that we are happy to have.  So, with that in mind, why don’t we take advantage of awards season (Birdman for Best Picture!) and break this batch down that way.

Best Model: Undoubtedly the 1963 Aston Martin DB5.  We know the Ecto and Thunder Roller have many collectors scouring their local stores, but we have made it pretty clear that movie cars are not our thing.  For us it is less about the movie the car came from, and much more about the car itself.  So the Ecto and TR are cool, but ultimately the Aston is by far the best looking model of the bunch.

I still cannot convince myself this is a Hot Wheels car.  Hot Wheels has done a large number of great castings, but I wouldn’t peg them to nail a classic British car in all its stock glory.  The wheels work so well, and the paint is clean.  Easily one of our favorites for 2015.

Best Wheels: Yeah, a goofy award, but very appropriate for a model that otherwise we would not give one flying flip for.  But the wheels on the Batmobile are fantastic.  We have seen those rims plenty of times before, but that color is unique.  Maybe we have seen rims that color before, but we don’t remember when.  Customizers, you should have a field day with these.

Best Ecto:  Well, we weren’t going to pick the Thunder Roller for Best Ecto, were we?  It is of course the Ghostbusters Ecto 1A, which seems to be the most detailed of the Ectos so far.  Of course this is the Ecto from Ghostbusters 2, but we don’t have the previous Ecto to compare it to.  (Remember, these cars interest us very little.)  But, this one appears to be nicely detailed, and maybe a bit more interesting.  The wheels are cool at least.

Heaviest Model:  The Thunder Roller.

Best Hidden Gem: The Ford Super Deluxe, once you rid it of its manure cover.  Yeah, it is the car that Biff crashed into a manure pile, so adding the poop is a clever idea.  Good thing you can remove it.  That black Ford is a pretty sharp car.

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  1. To me, that Ford with the manure piece is genius. Come on, NO ONE would have thought to do that. Whoever at Mattel came up with the idea to create that piece is brilliant. The casting is very nicely done with the hot rod rake, giving the casting a real HW feel. But adding that manure piece makes the release truly unique. Otherwise the car would have just been another replica that any company could do. On top of that, that piece can serve another purpose. Mattel used this '48 Ford for an employee-only release that was given to those that attended some winter gala. They used that manure piece, but molded it in white to represent snow instead. Seriously, that's absolute genius there.

    While most collectors are pining over the Thunder Roller and Ecto 1A, and the Batmobile will appeal to many outside the diecast world, the amazing DB5 and the '48 Ford are the real gems of this mix.

  2. We have a few RLC Memberships left.I agree with Doomus brilliant idea Mattel with the loose manure. Nice looking Ford from “BTF”.Hotwheels are #1 and will stay that way for awhile. 👍

  3. I understand that Hollywood cars aren't your thing but featuring them is great. These are terrific castings and we collectors love them. The aston is great. I have the Comic Con issue and it is chrome and beautifully presented. This aston is also exceptional.

  4. I'd really like to see some cars from the cannonball run movies! They have all the castings! Lamborghini 308 Ferrari the custom Dodge van the Chevy Malibu stock car and even the James Bond Aston Martin!!!! What do you guys think?

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