When the Mainline outshines the Super: The 2015 Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX…

This Ferrari is just a tad significant, isn’t it?

Mattel won’t confirm one way or the other, but there is a lot pointing to the fact that we won’t see a Hot Wheels Ferrari for awhile.  The obvious hint?  This 599XX is the last Ferrari in the 2015 Hot Wheels mainline, and only the second after the yellow 599 GTB a couple of months ago.

While Maisto is boasting of an exclusive license, the only thing I have heard from anyone associated with Mattel is to never assume anything is permanent.  What that specifically means I have no idea.  Maybe we see a Ferrari in 2016.  Maybe not until 2045.  I guess we wait and see.

But the 599XX is it for now.

And it is a good one to go out on.  Yeah, the 599XX is not the most legendary Ferrari, but as far as a Hot Wheels casting goes, it is one of the best.  It was a hit as a Speed Machines model, it looked fantastic as a mainline in 2012, and to many (including us) the 2012 Super is one of the best Super Treasure Hunts Hot Wheels has ever done.

So, while repeat Super TH’s are not everyone’s favorite thing, seeing the 599XX return to the mainline as a Super TH is a better option than many.  We will take it.

So it is here, we have it in hand, and if we are honest, it is a bit disappointing.  The Super looks nice, but to us it doesn’t compare looks-wise to the 2012 Super (but what would), nor does it look better than its mainline counterpart.  It is not very often that the mainline looks better than the Super, but this is one of those cases.

Actually, let’s approach it a little differently, so we don’t sound like we are complaining.  The Super 599XX is actually quite good-looking.  The design is simple, the wheels very cool, and the color sharp.  But we LOVE the 2012 Super, and we LOVE the 2014 mainline.  That grey on the mainline is a really unique color, the PR5 wheels really work, and it has the exact same deco as the Super, minus the TH logo.  It is a great mainline, and it overshadows the Super.

That is our opinion, but we will let you come up with your own.  Here are our photos, you tell us if you agree or not…

Hot Wheels 2015 Ferrari 599XX (Super TH & Mainline):

The 2015 Supers so far:

5 Replies to “When the Mainline outshines the Super: The 2015 Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX…”

  1. Honestly, I think the 2012 Super looks crap. Those wheels would have worked very well if the Ferrari in question was pre-2000's. But the 599XX is not even a decade old and can be considered very modern. So those wheels don't work at all with this car. The modern style wheels of the 2015 version look a lot better. Same goes for the color and tampos. The 2012 looks fine but the 2015 looks more 'sporty' which is what this car needs. Therefore, the 2015 is a much more 'complete' Super hunt and the one I would take. As for the mainline, it looks great. Just like the 2012. But again, the 12's MC5 wheels did not look good where as the new one's PR5s look a whole lot better. For everything else, I agree with you. The 599XX is a great casting and if this is indeed the last Ferrari we will see for a long time, then its a great swan song!

  2. I am fan this casting, the 2012 is more beautiful and his wheels marry well with Ferrari, the chosen wheels for this version were also very nice, and the black married better than the gray simple model.

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