First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage 1955 Toyopet Crown…

Those of us here in the US may not be familiar with the Toyota Crown.  But you probably should be.

Toyota/Toyopet has been producing the Crown since 1955, and if you need any evidence of the Crown’s flagship status, just look up what the words “Camry”, “Corolla”, “Corona”, and “Scepter” mean.  (Little crown, chaplet, “crown” in Latin, and sceptre.) 

There are several generations of the Crown, and several versions, including a nice number of wagons.  And Tomica Limited Vintage, in their effort to produce many vintage cars from several automotive eras in Japan, has done several Toyota Crowns.

But surprisingly, with all the Crowns TLV has done, they had yet to do the first generation, which was introduced in 1955:

That has been rectified, and the first two versions are stunning.  What a cool model!  The car hearkens back to cars of the 50’s, but it remains purely Japanese.  Just look at that photo above.  Then look below at TLV’s version.  Finding a difference could be hard…

(Find the Crown in many forms at Japan Booster…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Toyopet Crown 1955:

Some models from the Lamley TLV Crown collection:

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  3. Seriously are you going to let the above posts keep coming cause I don't take phone calls like this so I won't come on here to be bombarded with this crap!

    Nice Tomicas though do you think in future posts you could maybe compare actual scales of different companies? I know Greenlight and M2 usually run a bit larger than Mattel brands and I have some past Tomica models run close to Mattel. Just like to have a current comparison cause I do like the work Tomica dose but I like my collection to be fairly uniform is size thank you…

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