Vantastic! The Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Toyota TownAce and Daihatsu Delta Wide Vans…

Everyone loves vans, right?

If you don’t, you should.  We don’t need to get specific, as obviously minivans get a bad (and in most cases deserved) rap, but for the most part vans are cool.  Just like wagons are cool.  We are hoping that companies like Greenlight and Auto World see how successful their trailers and land yacht wagons have been, and start doing more vans.  (Greenlight has actually gotten off to a good start already.)

It is Tomica Limited Vintage’s time to get in on the van action.  At least vans as we know them here in the US.  In Japan wagons can be vans, as can large off-road vehicles like the Land Cruiser, or a small kei car.  But as far as transport vans go, TLV has jumped in with the Toyota TownAce and Daihatsu Delta:

So which is which?  They look pretty much the same, eh?  Obviously the front badges give them away, but as you can probably figure out, the Delta is just a rebadged TownAce.

There is a long history of the Toyota ~Ace models, both in truck and van form.  This particular TownAce, coded the R10, was produced from 1976 to 1982, and TLV were cool enough to produce the high-roof versions, including the Delta’s sliding sunroof.

And look, we know some of you don’t get as excited about these vintage Japanese road cars as we do, but just spend a few minutes looking at them.  We try to make our photos as clear as possible, so you can see the detail.  And when someone says our photos look like we photographed the real thing, it is usually after seeing a TLV photographed, not a Hot Wheels.  These four vans are stunningly detailed, from the interior to the hubcaps.  No, they aren’t the GT-R’s or Skylines the TLV is rolling out, but they are probably a lot more interesting.  Both are available at Japan Booster.  Grab one or two or four.  They are totally worth it.

It looks like TLV has some plans for these.  4 vans released, and 4 more coming in the next few months:

That wood-paneled TownAce though!  Yeah, we will be getting that for sure.  Vans are cool.  TLV knows it, you know it, and you need these…

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Toyota TownAce Van High Roof 1300DX:

Daihatsu Delta Wide Wagon:

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