Lamley Customs: Chris Huntley’s Datsun 620 Pickup…

It is vacation time for me.

There are two reasons why I mention that.  First, vacation means I have no desire to take the time to go through all the custom submissions for As is the Custom.  That will come later.

Reason #2, Ms. Lamley and I have decided to spend our vacation time in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, looking at art.  We have spent time with Cartier and Matisse at the Denver Art Museum, Chiluly at the Denver Botanic, and Eames at Design Within Reach (not a museum, but a great place to visit until DWR decides to open in SLC).  Am I telling you that to up my uppity factor?  Yes.  But I am also telling you that because we have, as always, enjoyed understanding the signature talents of these artists – Cartier & Co. with Jewelry, Matisse with paint and color, Chiluly with glass, and Eames with furniture and function.

Which brings us to Chris Huntley, or as he is known in the Instagram universe, @78toy4dr.  Of all the extremely talented customizers we have featured over the years on Lamley, no one has developed a signature style like Chris.  Ask anyone on Instagram – you know when you come across a Chris Huntley custom just by looking at the pic.  The matte paint, the subdued colors, the cambered/hellaflush style, and the crisp and clean detail.  Add to that his wild imagination, which can morph a recognizable casting into something completely different, without changing the essence of the model.  The Dairy Delivery is still the Dairy Delivery, only a completely different take.

Are we comparing Chris to Matisse?  No, of course not.  But in a sea of amazing and emerging custom talent, Chris gets kudos for his signature style.  And we feel like we can say that, because it won’t get to his head.  Having met Chris, I can sincerely say this is a guy who loves what he does, and always wants to get better.

And that is why we want to feature his Datsun 620, which somehow made its way to our abode after JCCS.  The signature style is there, and execution fantastic, and whether or not Chris ever wants it back, it is staying with us.

(Thanks Chris.)

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  1. Yo I love these sitting low but do you think you could give shot from underneath so we can see how they drop'em? I would love to see how it's done. And if a limo ever comes up the same. Would love to see the work that goes into stretching these small models.

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