Why we love Tomica Limited Vintage: The subtle change in the latest Nissan IDx Freeflow…

At first glance, you have seen this many times on Lamley before.  The Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan IDx Freeflow and Nismo turned out to be immensely popular, and we were completely on the bandwagon.

We are still on the bandwagon, and if we were asked to name our Minicar Model of the Year, we would probably say the IDx.  It introduced many to TLV, and it was also their first non-vintage entry. It proved very popular, even here in the US, and TLV is pushing that further with two more IDx releases and the upcoming Nissan GT-R Nismo and N-Attack in February/March 2015.

But back to the IDx.  Tell us if you have seen these photos on Lamley before:

Sure you have, but this one is a little different than what we have shown before.  Take a look again:

Do you see it?

Maybe this will help:

Yep.  The grill.  The model on your left is the new “North American Show” version, which uses what they call the V-motion grill, or what we call an upside-down trapezoid with a Daft Punk helmet in the middle.  Call it what you want, Nissan wanted to stay true to the North American design queues they use, and Tomica Limited Vintage followed.  Dope.

And as far as we can tell, that is the only difference.  Can you see any others?

So yeah, on one hand you could say having both for just a subtle change in the grill is nonsense, but on the other you can celebrate just how great Tomica Limited Vintage is.  They do this with casting after casting.  Could be the grill, or the headlights, or the tail lights, or the vents, or whatever.  If the real thing had them, TLV includes it.

So hell yeah we got both!  And you should too.  We will be doing the same thing with the Nissan IDx Nismo North American edition that comes out in December.  And as always, all will be available at Japan Booster.  (You definitely want to get the Freeflow while it is at its current price.)

She’s next:

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