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Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels US B Case…

Yes, better late than never…

B Cases have been in stores for awhile, but ours hadn’t arrived for awhile.  The way we do it here at Lamley, Wheel Collectors will open the International Case, which we document here on Lamley (we just did the C Case), and we will open the US Case.  Most unboxing videos out there are International cases, and sometimes the US cases end up being the same, other times completely different.  Because of that, we figure it is worth reporting on both.

So while it is late, you can at least compare both cases.  Same with the C cases when we get the US version.

Remember, all these models are available at Wheel Collectors, but they are available at your nearby big box as well, so instead we will link you to the Lamley Sale at WC, which just expanded today.  Get your Datsun Wagons now…

Here we go…

The 2015 US B Case, as pulled 3-by-3:


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  1. mmm Lotus, MMMm Aston, MMMMMMM 2 x Porsche, MMMMMMMM 2 x Datsun, nice corvette G/S, nice Lambo Anus, oops Avus, ooops Urus, possibly the Monte Carlo, will have to see it first, Blue Corvette, BUT WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE DODGE SRT, hideous, The Cockney Cab, now I am sure that they have tested this out, but really, its not even anything like a custom Austin FX4.

    The only downside, i doubt i will see any of these for some while, by which time, we will be well into next years models, the distribution, is still dire.

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