Anyone else excited for the Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series Airstream Trailer?

We have made somewhat clear that we don’t get too excited about Greenlight.  Sometimes it is hard to figure out why one might collect one brand, and ignore another.  Greenlight focuses on realism, just like my favorite brand Tomica Limited Vintage, so it seems like Greenlight would be right down my alley.

But it has never really excited me.  It could be because they are usually bigger than the other 1:64 brands I collect, or maybe the plethora of overdone Mustang and Camaro castings, or possibly the fact that the quality of the design seems to be inconsistent.  The proportions sometimes seem a bit…off.

That happens with other brands too.  Johnny Lightning had that problem, and we had the same opinion as we do about Greenlight.  Kyosho can swing and miss quite a bit as well.

But Greenlight got our attention when they introduced the Hitch & Tow Series, with 1:64 trailers that appear to be on par with the best 1:64 models out there.  The first three:

(photos from the Greenlight Flickr page)

While only the C10 strikes our fancy (See what we mean about Greenlight being inconsistent?  Jeep – great.  Dodge Ram – a little…off.), all three of those trailers look superb.

And as nice as those were, Greenlight really got our attention with the unveiling of these:

Yes, the Monaco and Impala are great models (really great, actually), but it is ALL about the Airstream.  Call it a trailer, call it a caravan, call it whatever, just as long as you acknowledge how blisteringly cool that Airstream is.

The Airstream trailer is iconic for many reasons, tapping into my nostalgic side, or my vehicle-loving side, or my road-loving side, and especially my design-side.  Spend 10 minutes at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona, and you will be an Airstream lover as well.  And that Greenlight version appears to be the best mini-version there is.  It may be the only 1:64 version, as far as I know.

That, friends, is as must-have as any model released this year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  (Some are pre-selling them on eBay.)  We just might need to construct some tow hooks for some of the TLV collection.

Anyone else excited about this one as well?

And yes, the other sets coming in this series are worth getting as well:

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  1. Oh please… You pretty much go after hot wheels most of the time but complain about Greenlight's proportions. Now that's “inconsistent”. Moral of the story is you don't like Greenlight as much as Hot Wheels. That's it.

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