First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota AE 86 Corolla Super Treasure Hunt and Mainline…

Let’s start with the Datsun 510 Wagon.  Folks be nuts about that one.
Now rewind.
Past the Civic EF, the Datsun 620, the Toyota 2000GT, two vintage Skylines, a BRAT, an RX7, and even the 510 Sedan and 240Z.  There are plenty more we didn’t mention.  But the Jun Imai (and friends) era is full of models that have the Hot Wheels set in a frenzy.
But when it comes to Jun’s JDM output, the AE86 started it all.  While it has taken several years off, the AE86 Corolla has now been around for 9 years.  It debuted in the 2006 mainline, popped up again around 2009 as a 5-pack model, became a Decades model, and now has been a mainline mainstay for the last three years.
And its resurgence has hit its peak as the AE86 gets the Super TH treatment for Hot Wheels Batch C. Well deserved.
To be honest, we would have preferred any previous deco to this more modern drift-style deco, but that is a big part of the car’s legacy, so we can’t complain too much.  We are just happy to see it here.
Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 Corolla (2015 Super TH & Mainline):

The JDM-themed maroon Super TH streak continues:

2015 Supers so far:

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  1. I do like that Corolla, but that paint is being used too often.

    As an aside, WHERE ARE THE AMBASSADOR REPORTS, there were teh highlights of a boring week each Monday, now we seem to get them less and less, with less info in them !

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