Matchbox Supreme Heroes: HW Boulevard’s true successor?

We know we are not alone when we say we miss Hot Wheels Boulevard.  It was just hitting its stride when Mattel cancelled it.  Of course if the 2012 Boulevard line was just a little smaller, and a little better, the 2013 line would have surely produced the numbers to convince Mattel to keep it going.  Instead we have seen the rather bland Cool Classics, and great-but-not-enough Retro Entertainment line.

Many of us who relish our Datsun Wagons and Jeep Wagoneers and Porsche 993’s will always hope to see a similar line return.  Maybe it will be the Heritage Line that Mattel has been hinting at for 2015.  Or maybe it will be something entirely new a year or two from now.

Or maybe it is the Matchbox Supreme Heroes.

Matchbox announced the Supreme Heroes line at the Matchbox Gathering back in July, and yesterday unveiled the first images of a model (the Ford Explorer) and wheels.

We know that the line will be focused on emergency vehicles, will all have licensed liveries, and with one exception all be licensed models.  Even the one unlicensed model, the Hazard Squad, is one of Matchbox’s most realistic.

One thing we do know: Matchbox can do emergency vehicles.  And many we will see in the line.  And if we can base anything on the Ford Explorer, they are going to look fantastic.  We will know more when the line in released in the coming weeks.

But we do think, with realistic models and liveries, plus very cool two-piece rubber wheels, this line could be very Boulevard-esque.  And for that reason let’s make sure it doesn’t meet the same fate.

Of course Lamley readers can’t single handedly make a line successful, but if we do our part, and Mattel deems the Supreme Heroes a success, we could see another year of fantastic real rider Matchbox.  Models like the Mitsubishi Evo, or Foxbody Mustang, or maybe even models like the Audi R8 in police livery.  We want to see this happen, so let’s make sure this line is a success.

Who’s in?

Some models we will see in premium form in the coming months:

14 Replies to “Matchbox Supreme Heroes: HW Boulevard’s true successor?”

  1. I think this will be a great series. I'm super-excited to see how the other models turn up. Special mention goes to the Charger, Lamborghini, Ford Interceptor and the X5. Anyway, I said in my last couple of comments that I didn't like the new wheels. Rubbish. I don't know what cloud was hovering over my head but I've grown to completely like the new wheels. They look great, considering what kind of models they will be used on. So, I'm down for the wheels! Looking forward to see what the next model will look like!

  2. Some great looking models here but the price point will determine if this goes the route of the HW Boulevard. I'd by these at 3-4 tops but any more and they will sit on the pegs until the closeout stores sell them for 2 bucks a pop.

  3. If I do ever decide to purchase a Supreme Hero vehicle (Matchbox brand in this case) I hope they will be available in Canada (my country as expected) and if so will my “best bet” be to search for them at some Toys R Us or Wal Mart or even the Sears Canada 'Wishbook' which is a Sears Christmas catalogue issued every year in September.

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