The Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors: Get your holiday shopping done early, or just save a ton on some fantastic models…

We do love it when Wheel Collectors does this, and when they are nice enough to put our name on it.

Matt and the gang are running their next epic Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors for all of you who either want to get some early holiday shopping in, or more realistically, buy a bunch of stuff for your own want list.

And this sale is no slouch.  There are about 120 separate listings, and almost all are premium Hot Wheels and Matchbox models, some priced even lower than retail.  Lines like Boulevard, Cool Classics, Retro Entertainment, Matchbox 60th, and Pop Culture are represented, and NOT by models no one wants.  You can find the Datsun Wagon, Porsche 993, Jeep Wagoneer, and even super rare HW Garage J Case models, all for the lowest prices on eBay.  We even found a HW Racing AMC Javelin for under $4.  Find all the listings here:

Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors

We know quite a few of you have already jumped in, and we hope many more of you take advantage as well.  Wheel Collectors combines shipping, and their service is second-to-none.  These are truly great deals.

Let us know what you snag.  Here are some that caught our attention:

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