From the Lamley Tomica Limited Vintage Collection: 1983 Autobacs Bluebird Super Silhouette…

Another from our “From the Lamley Collection”, this time a selection from what is one my favorite TLV series, the Super Silhouettes.

I have already sung the praises of the DR30 Skylines, and I think I have shown the Coca-Cola Bluebirds, but now the Autobacs gets its day.  It looks lovely in its early 80’s orange cream design.

Remember, in this series, little words and many pics is the rule, so I will move on.  But it does seem that this is a good place to remind our friends at TLV that there is one more Super Silhouette that is a must to add to the line:

Yeah, that’s the Nissan Silvia, and it is probably the clearest example of how the Super Silhouettes influenced the bosozoku scene.  We figure this has a good chance of being done, especially with the upcoming racing series TLV is working on.  How great would this model be, especially with those wheels?

Anyway, back to the Autobacs, which you can get at Japan Booster along with the other Silhouettes:

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Bluebird Super Silhouette 1983 (Autobacs):

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