Lamley Case Report: Opening an online November 8th Kmart Exclusive Case…

Word has been getting out quickly regarding the November 8th Kmart cases.  Being in Utah means we will be one of the later people to get the cases after ordering last weekend.  They ship from Illinois and seem to take their time to get West.

Nonetheless, those that had gotten their cases earlier were not happy with the contents.  That could very well, and most likely, mean the same for us.  But we won’t know until we open it.

Well, we opened it, and here is what we found:

Let’s use a Nelson Bench for today’s opening:

Here we go, 3-by-3:

Drat.  That’s a bad case.  Now I can go all HWC and whine about how this totally unacceptable and Mattel should be ashamed, but I won’t.  I will save my angry old guy rant for something meaningful.

But there is no denying this is a bad case.  While the only official models collectors should expect are the exclusives and first-to-markets, we usually like to see the very latest batch, and that would be batch B.  But these cars are obviously Batch A.  So yes, it makes things a little anticlimactic.  Mattel owes us nothing, but Batch B would have kept collectors a little less angrier than they are normally.

Look on the bright side.  If this happened in September, and the sizzling Q case was not part, there would have been open riots.  So no Rrroadster.  Whaaaaaaaa…

But who knows?  Maybe the in-store Kmart cases will be totally different, and full of B Case cars, but that is unlikely.  We still need to decide whether we are going, and that better be soon, because it is in a few hours.

Whether we go or not, we want to see what you pull.  Errors?  Variations?  Supers?  Post it on our Facebook page or let us know via Instagram with by tagging us #thelamleygroup.

Good luck everyone…

4 Replies to “Lamley Case Report: Opening an online November 8th Kmart Exclusive Case…”

  1. They owe us nothing is right… I say everyone sit this kday out n let the crap that's been out sit on the Kmart shelves. Then maybe they might get a clue as to why people show up to kday… Here's a hint: it's not for a peg warming A case regular hunt. What a joke!

  2. I didn't go this morning after my grandpaws two a cases he got in. He went today. 16 cases all a cases. Not a single hunt. That's it. No regular no super. And all a cars we already had. What a let down

  3. Yep. Went to by some cars just for the mail in. 26 cases. All A case. Two regular A case REGULAR (kid) hunts found in 26 cases. Still pretty new to collecting but makes me not want to collect any more…

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