Wagon Wednesday: Opening an Auto World Ford Country Squire Ultra Red Chase…

We have probably made it clear enough that while we won’t be collecting most Auto World models, we are TOTALLY in on the Land Yacht station wagons.

Auto World introduced the Chevy Kingswood in green and Ford Country Squire in white several months ago, and they were instantly must-haves:

And then recently they released the recolors in stores, which were, once again, must-haves:

The funny thing?  When I found the models above in the store, I picked up the white Kingwood and red Country Squire, and at first didn’t notice the Country Squire I picked up was not the standard issue.  It was slightly different:

Yep, that’s a chase.  But we were not going to let that stop us from liberating it.  So, in living up to our DLM roots, it was allowed to roam free:

And aren’t we glad we did that.  Standard version or chase, these Auto World Wagons are just wickedly cool.  We dedicated Wednesdays to the Wagon, and these two castings are proof why.  You can have your super cars.  We will take the wagons…

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  1. I'll take my super cars AND my wagons. As a primarily exotic car collector, Auto World has really won me over and I've added a lot of cars from them that I probably would have passed up had they been done by another brand. They have definitely done chases right in my opinion. The Ultra Reds look fantastic and look so much better out of the package. Judging from others comments, I think the Kingswood is the collector favorite among the wagons, and it is very nice, but I think the Country Squire is the better of the two.

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