Just Unveiled: 2015 Matchbox SEMA Edition Ford Bronco in Skyjackers livery…

There is always something diecast-related coming from SEMA, and here is the first:

Skyjacker Suspensions and Matchbox unveiled their special collaboration, a 1976 Ford Bronco in Skyjacker and Matchbox livery, in both 1:1 and 1:64 scale.  This photo came from the Official Hot Wheels Instagram feed:

And as part of the announcement, Mattel VP of Wheels Felix Holst noted that the Matchbox version would be available at retail in the next couple of months.  We assume this is a 2015 model, and we always know “a couple of months” could mean next September, but nonetheless we are happy it is coming.  The model looks fantastic (outside of the horrible towhook/tail that is hiding in the above photo, but is most certainly there is Felix’s presentation below), and you can see the full unveiling here:

Now let’s see what Hot Wheels unveils…


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