First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus…

This falls into that “What? Lamborghini made an SUV and Hot Wheels replicated it?  I could care le…..Whoa!  That is a nice casting!” category.  Didn’t know there was such a category?  There is, although it doesn’t get used very often.

So guess what?  Lamborghini is introducing the Urus, an SUV for the superrich, sometime in 2017.  I could care less.  But hell if Hot Wheels didn’t just replicate it near perfectly.

That’s pretty good when the only complaint is the wheels might be too wide.  I may keep this in the collection on the sheer reason that the casting is just so well done.

So, with that in mind, here is the Urus, showing off its well-done curves, and then sitting along the other Hot Wheels Lamborghini castings in the Lamley collection.  Not bad at all.

(And you can get the Urus and the rest of 2015 Batch B at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus (2015 New Models):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus…”

  1. Actually, this color is historically accurate for the Urus. There is only ONE truck built right now, and its on the autoshow circuit. It is this color. Very accurate, even down to the paint color. (example of NOT being accurate: white Sesto Elemento in WHITE with LIME accents wtf)

  2. As soon as I saw this I thought “why the damn red paint again”. So many castings IMO are ruined by the red or dark red paint. Disappointed in the first 2015 Mustang GT being red as well.

  3. Not the prettiest is it… LOL… however i will get it, if i ever find one, i will collect most of the European models, but agree that this red colour is way over used…

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