Just Unveiled: The Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 RS returns to the mainline in 2015…

Nothing wrong with a Porsche in the Hot Wheels Mainline.  (Unless it is that horrid Boxster, as longtime readers of the blog can attest.)

While the 993 and 934 castings are the cream of the HW Porsche crop, in my opinion the GT3 RS is the best of the current car castings.  So when images of a new version for 2015 emerged, we were happy to see it back:

The deco appears to be nice and simple, and it looks nice on the yellow-lipped PR5 wheels.  There is one obvious change from previous versions, however:

As has happened with many other Hot Wheels castings, the rear spoiler is now all metal.  It looks ok, but I actually think I prefer the plastic spoiler.  It looks a little more crisp.  But it isn’t a huge deal from my perspective.

So that makes three Porsches in the 2015 lineup so far, alongside the white Panamera and black 934.  Maybe we will see others, and if we haven’t said it yet, it seems a 993 Super TH would be a prudent idea…

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  1. In my honest opinion, Hot Wheels has ruined a perfectly good casting. The plastic spoiler was and it also allowed the spoiler to stay realistically black vs the body-color. Just look at the previous versions, especially the orange one in all its glory. It looks absolutely fantastic! And one of the main reason it looks so is because of the black graphics, wheels and the spoiler vs the bright orange. But anyway, it looks okay. The yellow with black stripes and yellow rimmed wheels works well I think. So overall, its good.

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