First Look: Hot Wheels Corvette Grand Sport Roadster…

Speaking specifically to this version that has just been released as part of Batch B, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Cool new model?  Absolutely.  The classic Grand Sport is a very worthy Hot Wheels model.  But we do wish the casting was built from scratch as opposed to being a clearly modified version of the original Grand Sport casting.

This could sit a little lower to give it more of an appropriate stance, similar to the model it is clearly based on:

And with that the deco is great, the wheels not so much, but there are few mainline wheels that would make sense, so we will live with it.

We could keep going back and forth, but overall a great new addition to the line.  We don’t sound that excited, do we?

Hot Wheels Corvette Grand Sport Roadster:

 With the original Grand Sport:

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