So is this a good sign for Hot Wheels and Ferrari? 599XX Super Treasure Hunt unveiled…

It’s been a good week for Super Treasure Hunt news, hasn’t it?

On the heels of the Super AE86 unveil, comes news that the Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX will make a second run as a Super in 2015.  That more than makes up for the Rrroadster flub.

We know we share the opinion with many that the 2012 Ferrari Super is one of the best Treasure Hunts Hot Wheels has ever done.  More than that, the 599XX is one of the best Ferraris Hot Wheels has ever done.  For that reason we have no problem with it repeating as a Super.  And it doesn’t hurt that it looks this good.  We will still take the Spectraflame red from 2012 if we had to pick one, but this one ain’t too shabby.

(Incidentally, it appears the regular version is exactly like the Super tampo-wise, only the paint and wheels are different.  Well, and the TH logo of course.  The reg sports PR5s in case you want to know.  Closer inspection might reveal other differences.)

With all that, however, the bigger question is if having the 599XX in the mainline has any significance when it comes to whether or not the Mattel and Ferrari licensing agreement will continue.  We got into this in some depth a few weeks ago, and we still have not seen any indication from Hot Wheels if the exclusive licensing agreement is ending for all Hot Wheels brands, or just Elite.

To be honest, we have no idea if the 599XX has any significance.  Yes, this is technically a 2015 model, but the licensing agreement ends on December 31, 2014.  We figure if the agreement is ending for all brands, Hot Wheels can create models up until that date, and they can be distributed afterwards.  But of course, that is all speculation.  We hope to hear something soon.  Or, even better, December 31 comes and goes, and we still see Ferraris in the various ranges.

For now, we will just enjoy the fact that we have another Ferrari Super coming.  We will never complain about that.  Well, unless it is one of those horrible older Ferrari castings like the 512 M.  But that is for another post.

Where does the new Super rank among the previous 599XX models?  We say #4, behind the Super, Speed Machines in zamac, and Speed Machines in red.

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