Variation Alert: The many wheel variations of the Hot Wheels Datsun 620 in red…

We love when this happens.

Wheel variations have always been a cool little corner of collecting, especially when trying to find or acquire them on your favorite castings.  And while wheel variations tend to happen more than most would expect, what has happened with the red Datsun 620 hardly ever happens.

The third color of the 620 sports not one, or two, or three, or even four different wheel variations.  There has been five different types of wheels found, and we are lucky enough to have them all.  So we thought we would show each of them.

The standard wheels on the red 620 are the gold-lipped MC5s.  We will start there, and move on down the list:

gold-lipped MC5

orange-lipped MC5

orange-lipped OH5

gold MC5

orange-lipped PR5

That is quite a few, eh?  For comparison’s sake, all the variations next to the standard wheels:

Lastly, if you want them, can you find them?  Maybe.  We acquired the gold MC5 and orange-lipped OH5 via trade, and were lucky to find the orange-lipped MC5 and PR5 in the pegs.  The PR5 was a total shocker, as not too many have been reported, and the one we found was hanging at Target just last week.

In terms of rarity, at least from what we have learned:

  1. Orange-lipped MC5 – easy to find
  2. Gold MC5 – hard to find
  3. Orange-lipped OH5 – very hard to find
  4. Orange-lipped PR5 – extremely hard to find
Keep your eyes open, both on the pegs and on ebay.  Sometimes you might find a treasure…

3 Replies to “Variation Alert: The many wheel variations of the Hot Wheels Datsun 620 in red…”

  1. I hate when this happens.. It's just too many wheel variations for a model.
    Its not because i hate variations, some of them are nearly impossible to find.

    Take examples of BMW 2002 with white-lipped / BMW M3 white-lipped / Aston Martin DB5 with wheel variation. those wheel variations only on US Cards.. never seen on any international card. 🙁

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