First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7 recolors…

Hot Wheels waited awhile to recolor these two, but we are glad they did.  Both look good in their new duds, highlighted especially by the silver Supra, which to us is the best version yet.

Because of time we will spare you the typical Lamley write-up, and let you enjoy the pics.  There is little to say about recolors of these two JDM classics, other than we are glad we have more to collect, and we hope these models reappear in 2015.

Look for the RX-7 in 2014 Batch Q and the Supra in 2015 Batch A.

Enjoy the pics…

Hot Wheels Toyota Supra (2014 Mainline Recolor):

Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 (2014 Mainline Recolor):

One Reply to “First Look: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7 recolors…”

  1. I like all four of them. The yellow RX7 definitely looks more “tastier” and “racy” than the red one, which looks more classy and elegant. As for the Supra, I do like the new color scheme but still think that the blue one is better because thats the official color used on the Falken drift cars. The fact that it has clear windows instead of the blue ones of the silver is another plus point. And because it looks more “eye catching” its going to be picked up by kids more than the silver one (this includes me. Yes I am such a child and yes I'm going to get the blue one) Just my opinions. Nice photos as always!

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