September 2nd Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Ambassador’s Report September 2nd, 2014
By: Larry Scaduto

Good day to all and thank you for reading my newest report. I’ve just nailed down the format for which all future reports will be structured. I’ve made a few mistakes with regards to justification, picture size and type style for which I’m hoping are behind me. My apologies and it’s time to get to the new models!!! As mentioned before, all pictures and articles are with the consent and permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team. Also, a thank you goes out to Dave Weise for the following photos….
New Releases for 2015
This Oshkosh M-ATV will be part of the 2015 Military 5 Pack.

Both the Scraper & Utility /Gas Tanker will be in the 2015 Construction 5 pack.
Matchbox Questions

1. Will Matchbox continue to add to its lineup of US Forest Service vehicles? I would like to see the Peirce Dash Fire Truck or the Hazard Squad plus the new Ford Pick Up in mint green. Yes we will continue to do this.

2. Is the new styled Corvette being considered for the Matchbox line? Possibly. 

3. Is there any chance of a newer styled Austin FX4 Taxi ever being in the line up? Is the older casting still available?  We are looking into doing a new London Taxi.  It may be something other than the Austin and yes the older Austin FX4 is still available.

4. Just about everyone is happy to see the Dodge A-100 in this year’s lineup. What model did it replace? It replaced the Land Rover LR4.

5. With regards to the Supreme Hero’s Series… what type of release schedule is planned and over how long a period of time? We cannot disclose this yet.

6. When do we expect to see the first Supreme Hero’s in the stores?  We cannot disclose this yet.

7. Will the Mack CF Pumper be a completely metal body or will it have a plastic roof to allow for different color cabs? It will have a metal body.  It will not have a separate plastic roof.

8. When will the Mystery Cars be released? First launch is December of this year.

Preproductions from my Collection
First, I want to apologize for the error last issue regarding the yellow Hell Raiser that was pictured. I listed it as the Hairy Hustler. Good eye R.M. Lombardo & Mr. Tilley!!! Now speaking of Mr. Tilley…… He recently commented on a website that he was wondering where my PrePro Porsche was. Well, I won’t make him wait any longer!!! I dedicate this month’s Preproduction section to the one and only Porsche Brand!!! Enjoy….
Porsche 959

                                                                                        Porsche 944 Turbo
Porsche Turbo (blue) w/ Lesney England Base & (white) w/ Thailand Base

The White Nights are coming!!!
Matchbox Esso Service Station

In this report I am reviewing the two-story Matchbox Esso Sales & Service Station. Originally issued in 1961, there were not any known variations to this wonderful piece of Matchbox history. It was made of a sturdy plastic with a removable ramp in the back. There was an area on the base for pumps that were available separately. These Esso Stations are from the Steve Gloss Collection and he recently obtained a variation of this item. You will notice that the yellow plastic building on the right side is darker yellow than the one next to it. Along with the red base being a darker red. After closer observation I noticed that there were different sized clocks on the sign header as well. I know it’s hard to tell without the signs being right next to each other, but there was a difference. I would love to see this type of simplicity in today’s gift set offerings from Mattel. In my next issue I’ll be reviewing the two-story BP Service Station. 

What’s New in the Stores?
Hi everyone!!! I was on YouTube and ran across a video that may be of interest to us Matchbox Collectors. This video is done by fellow collector Mark Kasimoff. He goes by the name markkaz on the boards and RaceGrooves on YouTube. He opens the latest case and shows what’s inside. Batch K is featured here this report. Click on the link to watch his video
Also found by Mark…..The Field Tripper now has new tampo printing on the sides. It now reads Matchbox School District. So now the bus is politically correct!!
Well, Batch K is out in full force in different parts of the country. I’m finding the models at Target so far. As you can see I am still missing a few, but I’ll find them!! Pictured below is the only model I’ve ripped out of its blister card in the past 10 years!!!!!! It is the stunning…. 
1963 Mack B Model Fire Engine
Models we would love to see made…

Here we have an nice selection of models from all around the world. Pictures were sent by several collectors. And the models are as follows…. Ford Capri ii Turbo, Bombardier B-12 Snowmobile, Bedford TK-1 Fire Vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser F-70 Troopy, ’68 Chevy Impala, ’67 Ford Galaxie Fastback, Austin FX4 Taxi, ’67 MGB GT. 
Ambassadors Note:  It is nice to see people from around the world submitting pictures of models for possible consideration for the Matchbox line. Of coarse looking at the pictures you will notice that these are from an established collector’s perspective. I doubt the kids today would be as excited as we would to see any of the above models. Here’s where you come in! If you have any younger sons or nephews in your family, why not ask them what cars they like! Let’s get some real feedback from the age group Mattel is targeting. Send me a picture along with the discription of the vehicle and I will include them in my reports. Thank you for your input and help!
MB54 Ford Capri


The top 2 pictures are Ford Capri’s from my collection. I’ve pictured the major variations.  Below are a few Ford Capri’s repainted by fellow collector Mark Amies. This picture shows what can be done when you have a passion for customizing. Nice work Mark!!!

Need to reach me???? Here’s my e-mail….

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  1. Thanks for the report, nice to see what is in the pipeline.

    The 4×4 school bus might look better, and more plausible, as an Iceland tour bus?

    Some of the suggestions are already available from Oxford Diecast albeit in model biased rather than toy biased form. They make a Capri, Bedford TK fire engine and TX4 taxi in a variety of colours/liveries.

    Looking forward to finding the Mack fire engine.


  2. Some links to cold-climate buses (in Canada and the Antarctic in this case):

    I always figured these were what the Matchbox Team was looking at when they designed the Field Tripper/Scholar Hauler.

  3. In the models we would love to section. First off thanks for getting a couple of my suggestions up. The Capri you have up would be a really nice cast. I like the original but the one you have up has really sleek body lines. For a sec I mistook it for a BMW. All of them would make great castings. Hope your checking in MB.

  4. Mack B Fire truck and thats it. The stupid looking bus is just really beond belief, was someone on drugs when they designed this, if not what excuse could they use, it is hideous.

  5. Don't know about the Caprice……but I will add it to my list of future Matchbox ideas. Around here the Caprices of that era were police cars. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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