First Look: Hot Wheels HW Ford Transit Connect…

(Repost from July 16th, 2014.  We thought it was prudent to share now that P cases are appearing.)

It eventually came, even if it wasn’t at SEMA.

Hot Wheels got collector’s wheels turning when they unveiled the special HW Edition of the Ford Transit Connect at SEMA in Las Vegas back in November of 2013.

With it came this mini version:

The unveiling made many think that Hot Wheels had another SEMA exclusive, and Hot Wheels-collecting attendees were searching every corner for plexiglass goodness.  It turns out, however, that this was a hand-made version, made to sit next to its 1:1 counterpart.  So while all the exclusive-hunting collectors went home, Hot Wheels announced the Transit was in fact coming to a blister near you, only in Spring 2014.

Well it is Summer 2014, but we are not complaining.  The Transit is here, and it looks fantastic.  We found a seller with an early P Case, and we decided to jump.

It looks great.  Matchbox collectors have been a little up in arms about Hot Wheels doing the Transit, when that would traditionally be a model right in Orange’s wheelhouse.  We get that.  But we give this all a pass considering Ford wanted to add a little oomph to the Transit, a car that is mainly known for hauling medical supplies and paper.  Putting a Hot Wheels logo on the side and customizing it for SEMA is clearly an attempt to do that.  Whether or not that worked, I guess we will see if the only time we see the new Transit is in front of medical buildings with its hazards on.

So whether or not this model gets its street cred is not our problem.  We will just enjoy the mini version.  It is nicely detailed, mimicking the custom as opposed to the standard Transit.  There are some details missing on the mass-produced model, but that is to be expected.  It has the deco it needs to make its point.

We don’t know what the future will be for this model, but we assume we will see it with a wide array of decos and graphics in later releases.  We will wait and see.  For now, we are in on this one.  Are you?

Hot Wheels HW Ford Transit Connect (2014 New Models):

10 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels HW Ford Transit Connect…”

  1. Not only does this look awful, but Matchbox which has a heritage of making Ford Transits can't even get a van model made of METAL. Thankfuly we have both Majorette and Tomica to make real van models.

  2. While almost most of you will complain this is garbage, I prefer “Come on, better”.

    I think itt looks abslutely fantastic, even though it's supposed to be a van in work action, but who cares? Even without complaining about headlight and rearlight and grille paint tempos like the SEMA version, still nice. And it looks like a limited edition, talks like a rare gem, and more of a damn star close to heaven.

    I know anyway that the Hot Wheels livery doesn't very fit for me either, and could have been in just a plain, sporty version. But this, masterpiece.

    And last thing I want to tell, I don't mind about Matchbox job to make it as well. Besides, more to come in the future… we should hope for Matchbox to be better like the blue brother in the future…

  3. Why do you think it's awful? I know you are entitled to your opinions but in my opinion you shouldn't consider this die cast van to be awful,in fact,I'd understand better if you commented that you don't find this van to be exciting.That's the thing some Hot Wheels vehicles don't excite me but I wouldn't say I dislike them even if I'm uninterested in purchasing them.

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