First Look: 2014 Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup & Ford F350 Stake Bed Truck…

The Matchbox Gathering is already a month removed, but we still have some things to show.

As most of you know, Mattel granted the Lamley Group some time to photograph all the preproduction and 3D Prints they brought with them to preview at the Gathering.  That included both 2014 and 2015 models.  Unfortunately, after the fact, it was determined that some of the closeups we took of the licensed models were best kept under wraps, so we obliged.  We had to delete some posts, and we have many other photos that have had to be put away for good.  But all those models will appear in time, and will surely be previewed on upcoming Ambassador Reports.

But Mattel has given Lamley permission to show the those models that are completely finished, as well as the unlicensed Mattel creations that are still in preproduction or 3D print form.  Those unlicensed model photos will post soon, but for now let’s show a couple more upcoming licensed models for 2014.

We have already sneak peeked the 1993 Foxbody Mustang Police, Chevy Silverado, and the BMW M1 (changed from 1M), but there are two more.  One a new color on an existing model, and the other a new model entirely.

If we remember correctly, the Dodge A100 Pickup was a late addition for the 2014 lineup.  Why it wasn’t in the range in the first place is unknown to us, but considering how popular it has been, it seemed odd.  But that was fixed, and when a model needed replacing, the Dodge A100 took its place. This new version looks good in purple:

Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup (2014 Mainline):

Second, the Ford F350 Stake Bed Truck.  We don’t have too much to say about this one, nor did we get very many photos, but we will say it looks nice.  Using a stake bed is a nice touch, and this should go nicely with the other Ford Trucks currently in the lineup, like the Raptor, F-550 Brush Truck, Raft Truck, and F-350 Superlift.  Not to mention the upcoming 2015 Contractor Truck.

Matchbox Ford F-350 Stake Bed Truck:

Yeah, not a lot of pics, but you get the idea of what is coming.  We were running out of time at the point we took these, so at least we got them.

We should have the unlicensed model preview soon…

4 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup & Ford F350 Stake Bed Truck…”

  1. I like the Dodge. Perhaps a silver base next time? Or even a chrome one.

    This model will have peg appeal in its metallic purple although being of a certain age I'd prefer them to have a look at the colours available when the Dodge was a current pickup.

    The Ford Stake truck – great. Lots of play value and it looks right.

    Given a choice I'd prefer to have seen an interior and had headlamps tamped in. I'll be getting more than 1


  2. Does the bed on the Ford come off? If so then I will buy it. Otherwise I might only buy the A100. Nice photos as usual! And I understand how Matchbox likes to keeps things undercover until the time is right so I have no problem if a model is shown a bit later. It won't lower my excitement anyway.

    – Black Wind

  3. not at all happy that we are getting models with blacked out windows, it started with plastic bodied models and now this, i can see that we will end up with crappy fast lane models at this rate

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