First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno in orange, along with its Kyosho counterpart…

Yeah, it looks like the Italians attempted to do a Lamborghini bosozoku-style and failed miserably.  The Veneno is truly awful to look at.

But I can say that, because I will never drive one.  I may not ever see one.  It is very easy to hate on this one.  And I can also say that because looks were not the emphasis.  Performance (allegedly) was. Nonetheless, it is a car that does not strike my fancy.

But it is worth featuring for two reasons:

First, it looks so much better in orange.

Second, Hot Wheels did an amazing job on this one, especially for a $1 release.

Let’s start with that second point.  We always say we don’t like putting Hot Wheels and Matchbox models next to their far more expensive counterparts like Kyosho and TLV.  It just isn’t fair.  One is a $1 model aimed at little kids, and the other a much higher priced collectible for adults.

But by golly if Hot Wheels created a $1 model that actually holds its own.  Yes, the Kyosho is a lot more detailed, but considering the detail needed for a model like this, the Hot Wheels is pretty darn nice:

Not bad eh?

So now that we have established that the Hot Wheels Veneno is a spot-on casting of a hideous car, let’s look at its more pleasant version in orange.

Enjoy, and look for this model at your local store soon, or find it on ebay.  The Kyosho is available too

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno (2014 New Models recolor):

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno in orange, along with its Kyosho counterpart…”

  1. Is it ironic that I was listening to Feed Me – Rat Trap when I stumbled upon this post? (You need to be a hardcore player of NFS Rivals to understand this joke)

    Anyway, back to the car. It looks great as usual, Hot Wheels' interpretation that is. The real car, I share the same view on it as you do. I know Lamborghini likes to go crazy with the design but this was too much. Too vulgar. I do like it, I really do (it has that Lambo X factor). But I don't love it. Not like the Sesto Elemento, which was perfect. I wasn't able to pick the Sesto but I was able to pick this one. The silver version that is. And since I have it in hand, its actually rather nice. So nice that I'm not sure if I'll get this one. I might or might not. Btw, nice photo of the three orange Lambos together!

  2. Lamborghini's always look good in orange, MB legendary Countach illustrates this perfectly. These great images really help sell this Hot Wheels. When it arrives in the UK, I'll grab one. Lots of potential with some real riders and detailing.

  3. The HW's version really holds it's own and to do it for about a buck? Yes.

    Now about the Countach. I like an older [real] model from the 70's w/o the rear wing, but it just doesn't look right when HW'S produces a later model Lambo Countach – World Race 5-pack, blue w/gold PR5's for example – and it doesn't include the rear wing.
    I hope HW'S makes one w/the rear wing in the future. It just looks balanced.

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