First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels De Tomaso Pantera…er…La Fasta Treasure Hunt…

It is not often that the first model we show from a batch is the Regular Treasure Hunt.  At least lately.

Anytime we show a Regular Treasure Hunt, and before we get the tidal wave of comments saying that all the Regular TH’s suck and that Mattel has really blown it, we need to reiterate that Regular Treasure Hunts are NOT for collectors.  And it has been that way for the last couple of years.

Surely you are tiring of our explanation, but we always think it is prudent to share.  Regular Treasure Hunts are meant to be left by collectors.  Super Treasure Hunts are for collectors.  Only collectors know a Super Treasure Hunt when they see one, as they are just enhanced versions of standard basic models.  (It is always funny when someone I know looks at a basic next to a Super and cannot tell the difference.)

Regular Treasure Hunts have special markings, and a little hint on the card behind model telling the kid that opened it that they got something special.  Remember when you were a kid?  Finding out you got a special edition of something was quite the big deal.  When that kid opens that Treasure Hunt and finds out it is special, there is a decent chance that might lock that kid into trying to find another.  And another.  Alas, a collector is created.

So as we always say, leave the Regulars behind.  Yeah, pick one up for the collection, or a couple if you are a big fan of the model, but leave the rest.  Let the kids get them.  We always chuckle at the guy on Instagram showing off the 10 Poison Arrows he just bought.  For what purpose?  To sell them for $1.50 each?  The only thing he is doing is keeping nine kids from a cool moment, with the possibility of them becoming hooked on Hot Wheels.

With all that said, the La Fasta could be the model that might merit an extra.  It is easily one of the two best-looking Regulars of 2014.  And with all due respect to the Subaru WRX, it might be the best Regular of 2014.

If you are not familiar with the La Fasta, it is Hot Wheels’ unlicensed ode to the De Tomaso Pantera, the Italian Supercar that might be best known for its shape than for its performance or name.  The car was produced in the 1970’s and 80’s, but didn’t share the same reputation and performance of its more famous Italian counterparts.  Nonetheless, its look is instantly recognizable by most, even if they can’t remember its name.  Speedhunters said it was a cross between the subtle beauty of the Muira and aggressiveness of the Countach, and we agree.  It’s a looker:

So whether Hot Wheels could not get the license, or just didn’t want to, we have the La Fasta.  Just like fans of the RX-7 gobble up the 24/Seven, Pantera fans should grab the La Fasta.  And that includes us.

And that is why we are showing this Regular Treasure Hunt first.  It is fantastic.  Great color, great choice of wheels, and wonderfully detailed.  All Regular Treasure Hunts have the Hot Wheels logo somewhere on the body, and this one does too, you just have to look for it.  (Hint, check the detailing on the hood, and look closely.)

Yeah, we will say it again.  This is the Best Treasure Hunt of 2014.  Mark it down.

(New to the La Fasta?  You can find it on ebay…)

Hot Wheels La Fasta (2014 Regular Treasure Hunt):

And just because we wanted to, here is the La Fasta paired with another more obscure supercar from yesteryear, the Vector W8:

3 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels De Tomaso Pantera…er…La Fasta Treasure Hunt…”

  1. There are a few rules I follow strictly when buying Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars –

    1) I never buy more than 1 example of a car (unless absolutely needed)
    2) I always look for the model of the car I want, regardless of which series it belongs to. I don't care whether its a regular, a treasure hunt or a super treasure hunt, if I don't like that car I will not buy it (unless it comes by default in a multipack that has the car I want)
    3) I also make a shortlist of the cars I want from the available ones. And depending on how much money I have, I will buy all of them or make the list even shorter and get the ones I want most.

    Anyways, getting back to the car I must say its rather brilliant looking! Fantastic and eye-catching color scheme as well! Definitely a looker, something the kids will want they they see it (that was the idea wasn't it?) But I'm not too keen on those side windows dropping down into the doors. Kills the sideline for me. And for that reason I'm not going to say its the best regular hunt of 2014. Its still great though! Also, great theory on how the kids see these cars (special edition lol). I would never have thought to put it down like that!

    – Black Wind

  2. Not a bad model – but I'm not a completist and rarely get 'interpretations' such as this. A pity they didn't stump up the licence fees and make a proper Pantera.


    Ps Didn't Elvis shoot his Pantera?

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