First Look: Hot Wheels Porsche 934 Turbo RSR…

Yeah, it was one of those “holy shit!” moments.  We get them in our hobby occasionally.  That moment when you read or hear that a car that you never expected to see on a blue card is on its way.

We have had a lot of those “holy shit!” moments lately.

We could give you the list of what models prompted those moments, but it would be long.  And if you read Lamley you probably shared a lot of those moments with us.  But to give you a little slice, the final Hot Wheels batch of 2014, Batch Q, has its share of “holy shit!” models.  The Datsun Wagon was not expected when it emerged in the 2013 Boulevard line, and then had its second HS! moment when it was announced as a Super TH.  The Datsun 620, that little truck that could, was an out-of-left-field release late last year, and now sports its new 2015 design.  BMW’s are expected, but an E36?  After an E30?  After a 2002?  2015 Mustang – not necessarily a HS! moment, because you knew that was coming, but wait until you see it up close.  HS!  We could go on.

Then there is the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR.  Wait, what?  When the Hot Wheels team announced that one at Hot Wheels Nationals, and the news was passed on to us, it did require a confirmation.  It was completely unexpected.  The Porsche 934 is a true icon.  Built for the street and the track, super fast, and one of those “what all Porsches should be judged by” Porsches.  Looks-wise, it definitely has the look of a classic, but still looks like it could have left the assembly line this year.  A 1976 car that looks like it was worked on by Porsche, Magnus Walker, and Nakai-San.  Call it a 3-continent time machine.

Nonetheless, not something you ever thought would be hanging at Walmart for $1.  Actually, not something you expected three years ago.  But with this slew of “holy shit!” moments, the 934 is an OBVIOUS choice.  The Mattel Design Center is littered with car nuts, and they are definitely adding their touches to the Mattel lines.

And the 934 is the work of car-nut Ryu Asada, who we have featured before, and will surely feature again (especially since he also did the 2015 Mustang).  We always mention Ryu’s attention to detail, and the 934 is a perfect example.  There is as much detail as can be added to a $1 model.  And then it was dressed in its signature color, and although Ryu would have loved to add some Jagermeister deco, keeping it in its street orange shows off how nice the model is.

We even like the wheels.  Of course we would love to see it sitting on real riders, and hopefully that day will come.  But for the mainline, the lace wheels are the most appropriate.  They probably should have been in gold, but we can look past that.

Look for the 934 along with all the other Batch Q models in September…

Hot Wheels Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (2014 New Models):

Our not-fair side-by-side with Kyosho’s 934, and guess what?  The Hot Wheels easily holds its own.

The two retro Porsches released in the last year:

A few Batch Q highlights:

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