Just Unveiled: Upcoming Tomica Limited Vintage showcased at the Tomica Event in Tokyo…

Going on right now in Tokyo is the annual Tomica Event, where TakaraTomy basically creates the biggest playroom around.  All their brands are showcased, and some of the displays will turn anyone into a 5-year-old.

The website 829 Japan has been there covering the event, including posting pics of all the upcoming models Tomica is displaying, including Tomica Limited Vintage.  They have given us permission to pass along the upcoming TLV to our Lamley readers.

And this time the folks at Tomica Limited Vintage had the perfect tool to showcase the new stuff.  Next month will be the release of another TLV diorama, this time the Bayside Motors Car Lot, and it made the new models look great:

These pics convinced us that we at Lamley need to branch out a bit on our pics, so we went to Japan Booster and secured one from them.  They are going to make them available at their ebay store as well, for anyone interested.  We can’t wait to get it, and set it up in the Lamley photo studio.

Alright the models.  Here is what’s coming:

LV-N95b Toyota Mark II – we know it as the Cressida, and it is a welcome addition to the growing 1980’s collection.

LV-N96b Toyota TownAce Van – great to see more vans in the lineup.

LV-N97b Daihatsu Delta – It might look like the TownAce, but it’s not.

LV-147b Toyopet Crown – another classic Crown, and TLV signature.

LV-N89b Hino HE366 – The second car carrier from TLV, and it looks better than the first.  These are pricey, but well worth it.

LV-146a Hiroshima Electric Railway 750 – another model with a hefty price tag, but as unique as it gets.

We hope to have all or most of these to showcase on our new Bayside Diorama at some point in September, so stay tuned…
Thanks again to 829 Japan.

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