Cool is Cool is Cool: Kyosho Ford GT40…

First off, these three models are not ours.  And it sucks that they are not.  (Yes, I am pouting.)

These belong to a good friend who lives on Colorado, and is known here as Franklin2700.  He was at the Matchbox Gathering a few weeks ago, and brought these three GT40’s for me to ogle over.  He was nice enough to let me take them home and photograph them for a Lamley feature.

Of course, I am having a very difficult time putting them in a box and shipping them back to Colorado.  It might be worth it to just vanish, shut down Lamley and never be seen again.  These Ford GT40’s might be worth it.  But alas, I will do the decent thing and ship them back.  Plus, there are three on ebay right now I might have to pursue.

But enough of that.  We want to show another Cool is Cool model, and these GT40’s fit the bill perfectly.  Germany has its 911, Italy its 250 GTO and Miura, Britian its E-Type, and Japan its 2000GT.  The US?  Some might argue it has its Camaro or Corvette, but when it comes to international beauty, it has its GT40.

And yes, we understand much of the GT40 story is set in Great Britian, but with the blue oval we can surely call it American.

And how great are these three from Kyosho, all in Gulf livery?  We have come to expect all the precise details from Kyosho, but what they really nailed is the way it sits.  It is looooowwwww.

And while it looks like it could drive under a park bench, it is also at its most menacing.  I surely is not as realistic a stance as would be on the real car, but in 1:64 this enhances the details of the model, and gives the idea of speed and dominance.

And mix that with the Gulf colors, and you have an easy Cool is Cool model.  Too bad I have to send it back…

Kyosho Ford GT40 (USA Series 2)

4 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: Kyosho Ford GT40…”

  1. Wow! I had absolutely no idea you were going to do this (I blindingly said on the facebook post that these should be in the next cool is cool is cool series). Anyway, all these three magnificently, amazingly beautiful! And the fact that they're 1:64 makes them even more badass! Too bad I can't get them. Too costly and the shipping rates would kill me. Awesome photos btw! Stance Nation would want to have some of this!

    – Black Wind.

  2. They are cool. As much as I like the Gulf models from Series 2, The Series 1 models for variety are just a little better for me. And I love Gulf Cars.


  3. These are one of my absolute favorite models. I didn't think it was possible but after looking at these great pictures, I like it even more. My first Kyosho was the black with red nose Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and that got me hooked on Kyosho. This was my second Kyosho and that got me hooked on collecting Gulf cars. Cool is cool is right!

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