Skyline fight! Kenmeri or Hakosuka?

It is the most iconic of Japanese cars.  Japan’s Camaro.  It has spawned truly wonderful nicknames.  And here in the US its popularity is at an all-time high.  Hot Wheels has capitalized on that, and for the first time, in 2014, there are three Nissan Skylines in the mainline.

In fact, there are two in Batch N alone, provided you are shopping at Walmart: the ’72 Tokyo Auto Show-inspired Kenmeri and Zamac Hakosuka.  And we have been watching on Instagram, Facebook, and other diecast forums as many of you gobble them up.

So it got us to thinking…

There have been a lot of iconic Skylines in the last 50 years, but the two that are probably the most recognizable are the C10 Hakosuka and C110 Kenmeri.  Both are seen mainly in GT-R getup, but in Japan their normal street outfits are also easily recognizable, and they came in many different shapes. And they have been done in diecast quite a bit.

So let’s take this Hot Wheels batch N pair, and put them against each other, and do the same with other logical pairs. It starts with Hot Wheels, and moves through two other Japan-based brands, Kyosho and Tomica Limited Vintage.  Of course we could feature a plethora of other brands, but let’s keep it short and sweet.  Plus, the TLV entries and just way too cool to get lost in a mess of others.


Kenmeri or Hakosuka??

K v H: 2014 Hot Wheels edition:

K v H: Hot Wheels “First Editions” Edition:

K v H: Hot Wheels Premium Edition:

K v H: Kyosho GT-R Edition:

And finally, our favorite battle:

K v H: Tomica Limited Vintage Wagon Edition:

Who wins?

Our winner?  The Wagons tie each other, and then beat all the others.  But that is just us, and we are wagon nerds.

And in case you are interested in these models, we figure you know where to get the Hot Wheels versions, but both Tomica Limited Vintage Wagons are available at Japan Booster, along with a whole slew of TLV Skylines.  You can find them at this link:

TLV Skylines at Japan Booster

We hope you enjoyed the battle…

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  1. I do love the coupes, both the Hot Wheels for sure. Just may have to invest in the Kyosho coupes at some point. But the wagons, not so much. I wish Nissan had gone w/ more of a Kammback/Nomad 2-door body style. The Kenmari wagon just plain looks odd, but not in a “cool odd looking wagon” kind of way either.

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