Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels BMW E36 M3 Race in red…

That was fast.

No sooner did we ask the question about whether or not we would see the red version of the E36 that was previewed at Nationals, did we get our answer.

Yesterday we previewed the brand new Hot Wheels BMW E36 M3 in Alpine White, and expectedly many of you were very excited to see it is on its way.  Now we have images of the same model in red:

Same M3 Lightweight-type design, but in bright red.  Hard to say which one we like better.  We will make it easy and take both once they are out.

We also get a better idea of the model’s stance, which a few of you have mentioned is a bit concerning.  It does seem a bit high, but we will withhold judgement until we have it in hand.

In the meantime, we will create some space in the collection for this model in both red and white, whichever comes first…

6 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels BMW E36 M3 Race in red…”

  1. This is not the “Lightweight”-type design – this is the Warsteiner livery of E36 M3 GTR. The car was made for the German ADAC GT championship in the early 90s and won in 1993 with Johnny Cecotto behind the wheel.

  2. I did not notice it yesterday on the white one, but this model apparently suffers from the same f***ed up nose syndrome that the Lotus Evora, Pagani Huayra and Mastretta MXR suffer from. And this does take some of the fun away. This makes it look more like a rally version rather than an actual circuit racer (which it is supposed to be). I still love it no doubt and would very much buy it, but I won't be as keen and excited as I was till yesterday.

    Another thing I am getting a feeling of is that this model is going to be popular with customizers!

    – Black Wind

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