Another 2014 Super Treasure Hunt Update…

With the release of Hot Wheels Batch M, we are now 12 Super Treasure Hunts into 2014, so time for another update…

Since we last did this with the Greenwood Corvette, the Datsun 510 Wagon was unveiled, allowing us to unmask our excitement for what certainly will be our favorite Super of the year.  That is probably no secret.  But we will get to that later.  It is one of the last 3, one of which still has not been unveiled.

But looking at the First 12, Chevy dominance continues, with 8 out of the 12 Supers wearing a bowtie.  To add to that, the last two have been classic Corvettes.  The Greenwood is definitely a winner in our book, and the jury is still out on the ’69.

As far as the others, the safe guess is that the Gasser remains the favorite of most, but around here the Datsun might pass that.  We will have to determine that when we do the Lamley Award Vote later this year.

For now, here are all 12.  Pick a fave, and then wait for the next one…

My favorite of these 12?  It always changes, but there is at this moment, from best to worst:

  1. Greenwood Corvette
  2. ’83 Silverado
  3. ’55 Gasser
  4. ’70 Chevelle
  5. ’71 Mustang
  6. Nova Wagon
  7. ’07 Mustang
  8. Opala SS
  9. Camaro Special Edition
  10. ’69 Corvette
  11. Sand Blaster
  12. Twin Mill
Feel free to add your list…

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