First Look: Hot Wheels LaFerrari in metalflake grey…


We know its blasphemous to dis on a red Ferrari, but man its been shown up badly here.  Hot Wheels (almost) always debuts a new Ferrari casting in red, and it should.  It is as signature as it gets, and in most cases just looks the best.  What’s the point in driving a Ferrari if it is going to melt into its surroundings?  You have a Ferrari and the world better f*#%ing know!

But maybe the LaFerrari is SO over the top that a little subtlety in color is a good thing.  Or maybe it is only the case with the Hot Wheels version.  The Hot Wheels LaFerrari is a little too boxy, a victim of its overly large rear wheels.  But in grey the lines on the rest of the model are highlighted, combating against that clumsy rear panel.  It makes it a little easier on the eyes.  And when you photograph it at the right angles (see below), ooooh la-la…

And that means we can like this one a little more.  It is still not the best Ferrari Hot Wheels has done in the last few years (F12 Berlinetta, even with its large rear wheels, wins the current car contest just over the FF, 250 GTO wins it overall), but it sure is better in grey.

We will let the pics do the rest of the talking, and then make sure to head over to Wheel Collectors to grab Batch M

Hot Wheels LaFerrari (2014 New Models recolor):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels LaFerrari in metalflake grey…”

  1. Let's get started immediately.

    Okay, so nop. This is in the L case. Don't know why it's in the M case instead. Silly : P

    And anyways, yeah the new Hot Wheels LaFerarri is one of my top 10 favorite Hot Wheels list, for sure. But now, I'm pretty sure it's got insane. THAT GREAT BIG GREY COLOR IS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING THE BEAUTIFUL FERRARI!!! Where did that come from?! It like just makes me thinks this came outta nowhere! Just so dying to see this! Ha ha ha!

    But concentrating and moving on (gasp) yes… yes this is a Ferrari and the newest latest Ferrari, I bet that. This is half of my cup of tea and like an angel from heaven, starring in the stupid color chosen for the LaFerrari. White? Black? Yellow? Blue? Some of these realistic Ferrari colors could have been chosen for this. Not a freaking grey color like a thunder of black clouds. Act like a Ferrari!

    So dope it. There it is. Have a great day!

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