First Look: Hot Wheels ’69 Corvette Super Treasure Hunt & Mainline…

Alright friends, you are going to have to give this one a chance.  Or not.

Super THs generally garner a lot of excitement, especially Corvette Supers.  But it seems that the Greenwood Super got a bit of a mixed response (we absolutely love it, many of you don’t), and early indications on the ’69 Vette are that there are not a lot of fans.

We get that.  Cars with flames really aren’t our thing here, so this definitely isn’t out favorite of the year.  And it is probably safe to say that metallic purple cars aren’t our thing either.

But, on the other hand, the blue flames over the spectraflame purple with black-rim real riders actually makes for a cool-looking model.  Or maybe it just looks better than the basic version, making us believe we really like it.

Alright, we are probably not huge fans, but we are trying to stay positive.  This car will definitely pop on the pegs.  Can we say that it has grown on us, and we like the lowered stance of the Super compared to the basic?  We have no idea how that happened, whether it is a fluke with the examples we have, or something to do with the wheels, but we can get behind the stance.

We may not like it a ton, but we reserve the right to like it more as we go along.  Let’s see if that happens…

(Find the Vette and rest of 2014 Batch M at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels ’69 Corvette (2014 Super TH & Mainline):



The two Vette Supers:

11 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’69 Corvette Super Treasure Hunt & Mainline…”

  1. I think this super looks great! I like seeing different colored stuff, and spectrapurple is defiantly that. Corvette fans usually take their $THs any way they can get them, so in that book it's a winner. I don't follow all the Vettes, but this is one that I do. I like this $ a bunch!

  2. Ok… I love the '69 Corvette in general. I like the color of purple used on the $TH.

    There are 2 problems with this one…
    1: The base should have been a darker shade of purple to closer match the body. Using the reg's base color was a cheap move.
    2: The color of the flames doesn't go with the purple, IMO. Again, they went cheap with one color. If white flame centers were used and dark blue flame edges were used, it'd be pretty sweet. Or traditional red-yellow-white flames.

    They missed the mark here.


  3. Yep – It is definitely a near miss with that base – Someone needed to check the colour tones or changed the base to chrome…

  4. I don't know about two Vettes in a row, kinda strange. But who know the rhyme or reason to how & when the $TH's are picked or released?

    I do like the color though, I like a good mix in color, (not flames though) it seems like there have been too many greens & blues lately. What's up with three supers with flames in 2014?

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