Just Released: Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan IDx Freeflow…

As we oooooo’d and ahhhhhhh’d over the fantastic Hot Wheels Datsun Wagon Super TH last week, another mini “Datsun” was released, and it may be coolest of all.

The Nissan IDx has been taking the promo tour since its introduction late last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, happily promoting the idea that it is the successor to the beloved 510.  And it does in fact appear to be.  We will have to wait to see what the consensus is when the production car hits the showrooms in a few years.

But until then, Nissan commissioned the best 1:64 diecast company around to create a mini version of the Freeflow Concept, and it is now available.  This has to be the first time that Tomica Limited Vintage has done a car of the future, but if they were going to one, the IDx is as good a choice as any.

We here at Lamley have a very long list of models we would like to see TLV tackle (it starts with a bone-stock C110 Skyline), but we will put that on hold to ogle over the IDx.  There are very few models that TLV have done that weren’t essentially perfect, and the IDx appears to follow the trend.

But we will make that call once we have it in hand, and thanks to ebay seller crosssea222 and the Japan Booster store, we have one coming.  He sent us this photo last night, along with some other goodies we ordered:

You can bet we will be doing a First Look as soon as this model finishes its voyage across the Pacific.  Until then, you should check out the TLV available at Japan Booster Store by following the link below (and keep checking back, as the IDx will pop up quickly, and then probably disappear just as quickly):

Japan Booster Tomica Store

Or you can grab any of the TLV IDx’s available at the moment:

TLV IDx on ebay…

We plan on showing a lot more TLV on Lamley in the near future.  Why not start with the newest?

2 Replies to “Just Released: Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan IDx Freeflow…”

  1. So the new IDx, eh? Well, well, well, I bet this goes to my collection as on the top 10 Tomica RARE models list.

    So anyways, I heard about this already. And I am excited for it.

    So it is a future car in real life, maybe popping out in mid-2015, or early, mid-2016.

    Okay, so focusing on the car, I was waiting for the racing version. WHERE IS IT?!
    Talking about that, the car does look very fancy in some gold color, the name “Freeflow” isn't cool for a Nissan sports car, but it's still good. Not even rubbish!

    So, thanks for the heads up John!

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