Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R…

We previewed this a few days ago, but the model was incomplete.  Now, images have finally surfaced showing the soon-to-be-released C110 Skyline GT-R, complete in its tribute livery to the 72 Tokyo Auto Show edition, along with gold MC5 wheels.

We figured these would be the wheels used, as they made the most sense for a basic model, and it looks great.  Of course, this casting could sport flames and any wheel and I would still buy a few.  The Kenmeri is my favorite Hot Wheels model.  Not one of my favorites, but my favorite.  If you need any evidence, I took this photo on Sunday while going through the collection:

Yeah, I am a tad excited for this one…

9 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R…”

  1. I agree, 5SPs would be better.

    I like this model, as it fixed the thing I didn't like about the Mad Manga, the oversized exhausts.

  2. Great car, nice to see it back, aqua teal looks great on the Kenmeri, but at least can we put the car in it's real color, green, like the Kyosho?

  3. Ugh, hoarders again. I understand variants or errors, but why do you need that many of the exact same thing unless you're planning on selling them?

  4. Custom bait. Why should I (or anyone else who so desires) wait to get a dozen Civics or Skylines or Camaros or whatever my favourite car is when they're available now? When I'm ready to respray a dozen toy cars in a dozen different shades now; and it's first come, first served?

    Does it matter why someone wants them? Whether they're being resprayed, hoarded or resold, it's not anyone else's business or concern.

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