First Look: Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino Treasure Hunt…

Regular Treasure Hunts are for kids.

We say that a lot here, and while the El Camino is the first Regular TH in awhile that is not a Hot Wheels original, and a muscle car to boot, don’t mistake it for a collector-aimed model.

We have long argued that Supers are for the collector, and Regulars are meant to be left by collectors for kids.  And as soon as a kid opens the model and sees the special message hidden behind the model on the card, they will want another.  Alas, a budding collector is born.

So we don’t give much merit to collector’s complaints about the Regular TH’s.  After all, collectors are not supposed to like them.  And the plan is working, as I have seen more and more Regs left behind by collectors.  And we always laugh at the guy who posts his pic of the 10 Rescue Duty TH’s he bought, and we wonder what he is going to do with them.  Better to get one and leave the rest behind.

Back to the El Camino.  The ’71 El Camino is a classic car, and a collector fave.  But this one has a rocket sitting on the back.  There is another ’71 El Camino casting without the rocket, and (surprise!) it was a Super last year.

Mattel is releasing a Hot Wheels movie soon, and this Team Hot Wheels El Camino might be part of it.  Actually, I have no idea, because I don’t care.  The movie is for kids, and I will probably never see it.  Someone who does can let me know.

So, yes, the El Camino is a nice change from the non-licensed models we have seen lately, but if you find a few, take a couple and leave the rest.  Regular Hunts are for kids…

(Better yet, leave all the Regs on the pegs, and pick one up at Wheel Collectors along with your Lamley Deals order…)

Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino (2014 Regular Treasure Hunt):

The two TH’s in batch L:

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Custom ’71 El Camino Treasure Hunt…”

  1. Nice looking Treasure Hunt, but obviously for me I think the Loop Coupe from the F case is best for me. But I reckon I think I'll exchange the Twinduction from the J case to this now. Top 3 2014 Hot Wheels Reg Treasure Hunts. This is the 3rd. In order:

    1. Loop Coupe (F case
    2. Subaru WRX STI (A case)
    3. '71 Custom Chevy El Camino

  2. I don't mind a few of the HW original castings used for reg THs this year (Twinduction and Stockar, mainly, love both), but this and the Subaru are real nice.


  3. Finally a decent one! I love that statement though John: “Mattel is releasing a Hot Wheels movie soon, and this Team Hot Wheels El Camino might be part of it. Actually, I have no idea, because I don't care.”

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