First Look: Hot Wheels Pop Culture Grateful Dead VW T1 Panel, Drag Truck, and Baja Beetle…

This is officially the first time we have been excited about Pop Culture.

It is clearly a collector-oriented line, it is just that I am not the type of collector at which it is aimed.  The line is more about the artwork and less about the models.  I must be the other way around.  It starts with the model, and I hope said model looks as real as possible.  So while I can appreciate the work that goes into Pop Culture, I have not added one model to the collection.

Until now.

The Grateful Dead set is fantastic.  Sure, there are a few castings I am not fond of, but it is hard to top the artwork, and maybe for the first time, one of the best artwork/casting combos ever in the Pop Culture line.  I like realism, and it is more than realistic to think this exact model could be seen a few years ago at a Grateful Dead show:

VW bought, brought to the best pinstriper in the biz, and taken to the next Dead show.  That is surely the T1 Panel.  It is an absolutely stunning model.

This is only the third version of the T1 Panel, and we have really hoped to see a more realistic version of the model after the Reese’s Pieces and Wolfman versions.  Sure, there could be a more simple deco, but T1 gussied all up for a Dead show is more than realistic.

So we will stop talking, and let you enjoy the three Volkswagens in the line.  If you like what you see, Wheel Collectors has some or all models in the set. (Although you might have to buy the whole set to the T1.  This one is going to be popular.)

Hot Wheels Volkswagen T1 Panel, Drag Truck, and Baja Beetle (2014 Pop Culture):

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