They’re here! Hot Wheels US L Cases are now in at Grana Toys…

We just got this pic from our friends at Grana Toys:

Yep, that is just part of the fresh batch of US L Cases that just arrived, and are now on sale at Grana Toys.

For those of you who have pre-ordered the L case, that means it will arrive at your door shortly.  For the rest of you, there are still some available for purchase at the special Lamley rate.

The Lamley discount is only available on the Grana Toys website, and when you use the code “Lamley” at checkout.  You can follow the link here:

Grana Toys L Cases for sale

Or, if you want to use ebay, you can find them here:

Grana Toys ebay store L Cases for sale

Here at Lamley, it is our opinion that the US cases are what to buy if you want a case.  It seems that Super TH’s are more prevalent, and sometimes they contain models that the International cases are missing.  For example, Mattel has listed the yellow Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and silver LaFerrari as part of Batch L, but they were not found in the International cases.  We hope to see them in the US cases, and will know for sure when we get our case in a couple of days and do a case report.

So go and grab a case, and use the code Lamley to get the discount.  And let us know what you get.  Especially if you get one of those dope Greenwood Supers…

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