First Look: Hot Wheels Poppa Wheelie…

There are some posts, like our look at the Greenwood Vette Super, or our Cool is Cool is Cool series, where you can sense the passion behind our write-ups.


Consider this a service to collectors.  Curiosity on this is one is surely high, whether or not collectors will like it.  It is undoubtedly an interesting model, but not one we really care for.  Then again, it is not aimed at collectors like us.

So, to answer your questions:

  1. The body is plastic, the base is metal.
  2. The “base” of the “cab” is plastic.
  3. The wheel on the back is not a wheel, just part of the base.
  4. The model can’t balance the other way.  The base is too heavy.  (So we used a Super TH to get it balanced the other way.)
Any other questions?
Hot Wheels Poppa Wheelie (2014 New Models):

21 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Poppa Wheelie…”

  1. It took me a minute to figure it out. That's a backward 3 wheel car like the one used in the Mr. Bean episodes. Also, the one Jeremy Clarkson repeatedly flipped on purpose on top gear. I don't like the model personally, but I appreciate the thought that went into it and I appreciate your write up. I appeciate all your write ups. Keep up the great work.

  2. Why would I have interest in this model? Obviously don't I have interest in fantasy or little kid toy cars, because I am a collector. I collect machines, 'Vettes, Japanese Nostalgic Cars, Fords, Ferraris, Beamers, Mercs, and so on. Blah, blah, blah. That's what my desire's to.

  3. It's a pretty cool fantasy casting.. I'm sad to see it being so much plastic. I understand the need to keep it balanced but still :-/

  4. I was also reminded of the three wheeler from Mr. Bean. That's the best thing I can say about this casting.

  5. I think a Valiant would be a good idea in diecast, but not in this form.

    I'm pretty sure there are going to be some angry people if someone gets the bright idea to but this in a premium line.

  6. Geez, what's with all the hate? It's some kind of vintage 60s dragster (cool). It's based on a real car (cool). It's pretty well-done, with a detailed body and engine (cool). The body also has good custom potential (cool).
    This way better than the hideous, boring, and overdone supercars, like the Veneo, Laferrari, Sesto Elemento, etc, etc, etc, blech.

  7. I agree, well said! I can see it now, a semi-factory looking Reliant Robin (if that's what we're agreeing it essentially is?) squeezed into the pickup bed of the Datsun 620 pickup!

  8. Ohh yeah,love this thing.CanT wait to get my hands on this plastic pig (those cheap GFK microcars were often named)
    And plastic for the car body is more than accurate.Still not sure if it`s a Reliant Robin or a Regal,but i`m almost sure it`s a Reliant Regal.
    I could live without that backwards frame and with only the actual car as a Hotwheel,but who cares.I can still modify one with my dremel…

  9. This brings to mind a similar casting put out by HW's. It's the Altered Ego. It debuted in 2012 by Larry Wood and the 2nd version is new this year, with the 'Altered Ego' logo posted on the sides.

    It's pretty cool and it has a more “adult” flair than the Poppa Wheelie. The Wheelie would appear to be geared more for kids considering it has the Happy Meal effect about it.

  10. No, that I mean the Vanster was pretty cool, part of my top 10 2014 Hot Wheels New Models list, the 7th. This, ain't pretty much my choice, because it's not my cup of tea, comprendo?

  11. It is loosely based on a Reliant Regal, Not the Robin, that Clarkson keeps crashing, the Regal was the van used in Only Fools and Horses, or otherwise known as a Supervan, there is nothing to like about this model, I just hope they have the licensing sorted, as Reliant are very funny about this sort of thing.

  12. I'll be getting one of these – it's a fun HW – not to be taken too seriously. The original was a Reliant Supervan lll which was the van version of the Regal 3/30 saloon. This model preceded the ogle designed Reliant Robin. They took advantage of a couple of motoring law loopholes….. You could drive them on a motorbike licence – easy to get in those days, many bikers never upgraded to a car licence. It weighed under 8cwt (less than 1/2 ton) and was in a cheap taxation class. They used their own engines – based on an old austin design. No rust problems as the bodies were glass fibre.

    My parents had one in the mid 70s. It sipped petrol but the front tyre wore unevenly as my Dad drove it by himself. We could cram the whole family in, somewhat uncomfortably! I learnt to drive in it. Because of its lack of power I never learnt to overtake, because of its manoeuvrability I never had to learn 3 point turns!

    Eventually it packed up and the family got something more civilised – a 2cv.


  13. Yeah as one of yu guys commented ? this is a cool model if it had a proper three wheeled look.
    I too think this is that Reliant Regal van.
    Even though it's all plastic it is a cool model some collectors may just not want ! Strangely I got me the Flintstones car, but did not like the Homer car or the Jetsons bubble car. Too toy-ish for an aged collector like myself

  14. Strangely, although I've been scouting around for the Datsun 510 Wagon, ever suince it's release ? I've still not been able to place my hands on one. Hope fully the Super Treasure Hunt edition, though could be even more rare , I'm gonna concentrate my efforts on locating one for my collection.

  15. I am still also looking for the Renault, Fiat 500, La Ferrari, Dodge 70's Power Wagon pick-up and a lot of missed out in-betweens. I just still wonder why Matchbox in it's former easily avalaible avtaar disappeared so suddently off-shelves all over the globe.

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