Up-to-Date: All 2014 Super Treasure Hunts released so far, and Lamley reader’s favorite…

11 Supers in.

Sure, we know almost all of the Supers for 2014 already, but it is amazing that the 11th batch is now out.  That means only four more and 2015 is upon us.

We profiled the 11th, the Greenwood Corvette, earlier today, but if you remember, we did a poll asking our readers to tell us what their favorite Super was of the first 10.  To say it was a landslide would be an understatement.  The ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser ran away with the vote, almost doubling the amount of the second place finisher.  The results:

  1. ’55 Bel Air Gasser – 27%
  2. Camaro Special Edition – 14%
  3. ’71 Mustang Mach 1 – 12%
  4. ’07 Ford Mustang – 10%
  5. Chevrolet SS – 9%
  6. ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon – 9%
  7. ’70 Chevelle SS – 8%
  8. ’83 Silverado – 5%
  9. Sandblaster – 3%
  10. Twin Mill – 3%
There are not too many surprises on that list.  I expected the Gasser to win, but not by that much.  I expected the Sandblaster and Twin Mill to finish last, but not by barely beating out the ’83 Silverado.  
In case you were wondering, this would be Lamley’s rank, from best to worst:
  1. ’83 Silverado
  2. ’55 Bel Air Gasser
  3. ’71 Ford Mustang
  4. ’70 Chevelle SS
  5. ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon
  6. ’07 Mustang
  7. Chevrolet SS
  8. Camaro Special Edition
  9. Sandblaster
  10. Twin Mill
We all agree on the bottom two, but not the others.  The Gasser is truly a spectacular model, with perfect wheels and a fantastic deco.  But when a favorite casting like the Silverado gets the Super treatment, and it is executed well, it takes the belt around here.  Of course, with five more Supers to go, that can and will most certainly change.  At least for us.  We will see if it changes for our readers as well when we do our next poll.
Of course, if you read our feature on the Greenwood Vette, you know that it now takes the #1 spot for us, so move every other model down a spot.
So without further ado, for your records, every Super TH released so far in 2014:
Chevrolet SS

Sand Blaster

Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro

’71 Mustang Mach 1

’07 Mustang

’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

’70 Chevelle SS

Twin Mill

’64 Chevy Nova Wagon

’83 Chevy Silverado

’76 Greenwood Corvette

2 Replies to “Up-to-Date: All 2014 Super Treasure Hunts released so far, and Lamley reader’s favorite…”

  1. But now the Greenwood 'Vette is here now, so I'll definitely go for that in 1st place now and replace it I think it was the Camaro SE in 1st.

  2. I agree with the lamley list except for the 83 chevy silverado. Once i have it loose, the decos are quite regular, so much that you´ll see it in a variation in the next year for sure (like the ranchero $TH), and just for the spectraframe paint, that in the cool classic line are quite better, and the rubber tires, that any starter customizer could do….its so quite regular for a $uperTH….HW should stop making fancy decos, and do more realistic cars like the Camaro SE or the 07 Mustang on the TH, since i believe they are intended to the adult collector, and the fancy sh#T goes to the kids that do not appreciate the supers…..

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