Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Basic Batch L, Pop Culture Grateful Dead is now out at Wheel Collectors…

We always love when these calls come in.  Matt over at Wheel Collectors just let us know that the train has rolled in, and there are many goodies ripe for the picking…

It always starts with the Hot Wheels Mainline, and 2014 Batch L is in.  There are quite a few great models in this batch, including the topless Stingray Vette, Mooneyes Beetle, bright blue Aventador J, and El Camino TH.  But if you know Lamley, you know we go batty for the Greenwood Corvette, so we are thrilled to see it in this batch.  And even more thrilled to see it as the Super TH.  You can find all the L case models here:
As great as the L Case models are, however, they have been upstaged with Pop Culture Batch R.  It is very rare that we get excited about the Pop Culture series.  The models are always nice, and the castings some of the best Hot Wheels has done, but the deco and themes really don’t bread our butter. 
Until this set.
We don’t want to overuse superlatives, but the Grateful Dead set is mind-blowing.  It starts with the artwork, and finishes with the models.  The VW T1 Panel Bus alone makes this set worth it.  In fact, we have only seen the Panel Bus don a Reese’s Pieces and Wolfman outfit, but suddenly it is completely in its element.  VW Bus with Grateful Dead deco?  Shit man, that’s a winner.
Right now, Wheel Collectors is the only ebay seller with these in hand.  They will be hot, so grab them now by following the link:
And with these models out, remember the Wheel Collectors’ Lamley Sale is still going on, so couple a few L Case and Grateful Dead models with some Lamley Deals, and take advantage of the cheap shipping.  The Lamley Deals are here:
We have you pretty well covered, eh?

4 Replies to “Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Basic Batch L, Pop Culture Grateful Dead is now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Okay, let's get started. I going into the picks of the new 2014 L case. Hmm… ah, I choose wisely and bravely. So in the L case I'll be getting the Greenwood 'Vette (both regular and $TH versions), the new 2014 'Vette Stingray convertible, the Rrroadster recolor, Fast-Bed Hauler recolor, new colors of the Ferraris; Laferrari in silver, 458 Italia in blue w/ yellow, F12Birlinetta in yellow, I'll try the Poppa Wheelie if I have lots of interest, the MR11 recolor, and more stuff I'm into here.

    Just to let you know, I said before I ain't interested into Pop Culture.

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