Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels Slick Rides ’83 Silverado & Custom ’62 Chevy Pickups…

Maybe the word “Cool” in this post can refer to the need for us to cool down on the pickup truck posts.


We love classic pickups, and if we have some to show, we probably will.

So today you get a couple of treats from the 2010 Slick Rides line.  It seems the Slick Rides kind of came and went quickly, and are a bit forgotten.  The series was a continuation of the Delivery series, but kind of got lost among the Garage line.  Many times on the pegs it was hard to tell one from the other.  So as a set the models kind of blue together, but individually there are some models that really shine.

Of course there are the mega-popular castings like the Convoy Custom, Chevy Panel, and Dairy Delivery.  There were also the fantastic new tools that debuted, namely the Dodge A100 Panel Van and VW Variant.

And there were a ton of pickups.  And for good reason.  The theme of the Slick Rides were to put real auto part makers on nostalgic or vintage models and decos.  Pickups are prime candidates for that.  And many turned out wonderfully.

Like the Silverado and ’62 Chevy.

(Oh, and good thing Mattel made the card art on these so drab.  It didn’t make it difficult to rip these open.)

The Edelbrock Silverado and Holley 62 are definite standouts in the line, as the colors work well and deco is nicely simple.  And, thankfully the wheels work really well.  Those wheels on the Silverado look so good on many classic castings (like the ’55 Gasser Super TH this year), and I wish they would use them more.

So enjoy the pics, keep putting up with our pickup infatuation, and go find a Slick Rides to add to the collection

Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado & Custom ’62 Chevy (2010 Slick Rides):

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  1. This, along w/ it's blue twin, is the only time we've seen the '62 in a metal/metal combo. that makes it my fovorite of all the '62s issued so far. I do wish they didn't add the Holley logo to the roof though. The '83 is just awesome all the way around here. There was one that went on ebay back in the day w/out the Edelbrock tampo on the side, it only had the red stripe, I think the auction went up over $30 still regret not snagging it.

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